The Jedihood Message


While a handful sincerely desires to follow the King of Kings, external pressures prevent His reign from progressing from their hands.


As a confused vessel upon a series of interchanges, we cannot trust in our own course.

Moral Compass

A depressed people have been enclosed within a vulgar, wasteful pit of pride and opinion.


We may not always live in the best of circumstances—yet be careful in how it is interpreted. Distresses abound to try the hearts of those willing to follow the narrow path.


Engulfed by excessive bickering and lewdness, life’s perseverance can dwindle down to a hoarse, pretentious expression.


When we put dirty dishes with the clean dishes within our kitchen sinks, what happens with the clean dishes?

Not For Granted

Sometimes, though, these fortressed walls are lifted temporarily—in order to remind its occupants of what is being provided and why it should be valued.