The Expanse

Consider the glassed tanks we have intentionally placed ourselves in—these great, obtrusive walls filled with undignified comforts and controlled stabilities. Are we truly content within these assorted, rectangular conveniences?

Such constructs may bring immediate rewards… yet eventually fill hearts with shards of transgression. Engulfed by excessive bickering and lewdness, life’s perseverance can dwindle down to a hoarse, pretentious expression, stirring its participant towards further shame and torment. Hustlers, finding crude opportunities to weaken competition, inconspicuously prepare themselves against tamer, more-conditioned occupants.

We do not have to live in this manner. If we take the initiative to grow outside of such convoluted prisons, we can, indeed, thrive.

The Father created us to grow and experience meaningful, maturing lives. Maturation, though, requires challenges to be performed—not small, de-oxidized tanks depending on artificial pumps and flaked foods. A much larger, organic world is being reserved!

How much larger reality is for the Father in heaven. When grafted into his kingdom, we are given the keys to experience an infinite (and intimate) relationship with him. We are warranted a life of love which never dwindles, being free from corrupt, adulterated lifestyles.

How can we say no to such a promise?

Do not settle for small-minded, societal aquariums. Call upon the Father… and expand beyond.