To lower one’s self to a humble state is easy to announce yet hard to perform.  After asking the Father for greater understanding some years ago, was given a heavy dose.   It was quite difficult to digest.

Such absorption has taught this person how selfishness and anxiety towards particular authorities can greatly control our responses.     Many become prey to pompous personalities, boisterous voices, and social brandings.  By allowing carnivalesque behavior to overwhelm the enforcement of truth, a vast crowd promotes a fear towards men instead of the Father.

While a handful sincerely desires to follow the King of Kings, external pressures prevent His reign from progressing from their hands.   Further light would manifest if His ways became their prime objective.

Hopefully this realization will be learned… especially at this particular time of Shavuot.  Although this should be a time of joyous celebration, this person doesn’t see much barley.

It’s rather difficult to present such words, yet is necessarily to provide.