Have recently partaken in a myriad of hindrances and troubles. Although these past six months have been difficult, the Father has provided the necessary strength to overcome this set of obstacles. This soul has been put to ease knowing His mercy has been sufficient. It has also been made ripe for upcoming triumphs.

Where do we both go from here? Although the journey can lead to further challenges, have found a great peace in walking forward this time around. There is a thriving trust and realization of His ways. His directive is more noticeable, more practical with each passing step.

We may not always live in the best of circumstances—yet be careful in how it is interpreted. Distresses abound to try the hearts of those willing to follow the narrow path. A long, rigorous road can tame wild beasts and detoxify heavy sludge. Be encouraged to stay the course and carry onward!

Success must be granted in the proper manner. Allow the spirit to be purified in the furnace—only then will the sword be ready for battle.

Be blessed.