As maturity sweeps upon a spirit sheltered by the Father’s hands, have been overwhelmed with the revelation of blessings. The intricacies of life, for example, rely on dependable, hard-working laws which cannot fail in the slightest degree—be it the responsiveness of the rising sun or the dependence of the human heartbeat.

Being in an orderly household (in which rules are well-maintained) has protected this person from all kinds of infirmities. The same can be said when learning from responsible elders. These stabilities (and others) prevent the need for foolish, regrettable self-experiences, promoting a life which better utilizes energy and time for higher, more stable pursuits.

Sometimes, though, these fortressed walls are lifted temporarily—in order to remind its occupants of what is being provided and why it should be valued.

Depending on the situation, the Father may allow persecution to challenge our trust in Him. Will we stand upon the ways which He has instilled before us… or will we cave into the pressures of what we see and feel? Will our reality be determined by His laws of life… or by a lowly set of frailties—be it pain, depression, or despair? Such questions may arise when certain edges need polishing.

Trials and tribulations are not given to tempt His chosen ones yet to perfect them. They provide us the reason to diligently follow the Father’s commands—to sway neither to the left or to the right. When such is overcomed, let us quickly run back under the Almighty’s wings… showing a greater appreciation towards the blessings He provides.

Let us be reminded of them in times of comfort… so we can avoid the times the conflict.