Last night my father said, “Never in all the years lived has there been seen such low morality.” Although am younger than him by a quarter of a century, similar thoughts come to mind—never has there been such a lack of integrity than what is seen today.

Why have so many thrown away higher values for inferior valuables? Popularity, for instance, holds greater demand today than even basic intrinsic motives. A strong commonality now resides over holiness… in turn, a depressed people have been enclosed within a vulgar, wasteful pit of pride and opinion.

Living an uncommon, virtuous lifestyle was expected by the Levitical priesthood in order to keep the Israelite camp clean. If sin was found within the Holy Place the entire nation would suffer! The Israelites themselves also had expectations of righteousness—the world would be blessed or cursed depending on their steadfastness to the Covenant.

Yes, there are moments external feedback can be useful—yet not to manipulate our moral compass. If society is indeed pompous enough to entangle itself in strange and vain exploitations, it should not be surprised when encompassed about by external foes.

Similar to ancient times, this nation will rise or fall based on its commitment.