Have just moved into a new living space. With repositioning comes new experiences and possibilities not seen beforehand. Although taking weeks to grasp the thought, eventually, as personal will subsided, was opened to the transition.

The difficulty in following the Father’s lead has been daunting—yet if this soul is to be brought to its rightful place it must learn to let go. A dislocated leg, if not fitted back into place, will promote a permanent damage in its walk. A dislocated world we have inherited—in order to return to The Promise Land, we must mend our walking.

Abraham was a wanderer although eventually found his promised inheritance. Without his trust in the Father nothing would have been granted! In fact, most today would consider his commitment insane—who would be willing to sacrifice their prized son for the Father?

Yet… if the Father himself did not sacrifice his own begotten, would we have been given the ability for atonement?

Trust requires an awe-determined strength to press forward. This is not the strength of muscle or mind, yet of higher motive. Let us pray daily for the Father to provide such.