This is based on a conversation on a video which was shared. Would normally post the video, yet the video is very disturbing and cannot share it here.

Concerning the spiritual realm at this time:

The current activity we see today of these dark forces is considered normal and popular in today’s society. We are opening portals that will destroy us. Right now it’s Pokemon and has a cute face. Tomorrow, these same entities will show the gremlin within. The media has direct connection to the word medium. It is based on a coven. Realize this, and see that this is the natural progression of these dark forces. This is a last call to this generation before the storm. Get out while you still can. Get out of the cities.

If you truly seek the Father, and call upon him, he will prepare you for the times ahead. It starts in the spirit. Spiritually depart from the cities. Depart from the influence. Do not let it infest your children lest your family be victims. It is this defilement of the flesh, and the mixing that will destroy your home. Guard the door to your home. And put the blood on the doorpost. He will remember his covenant.

A prayer of one pure, righteous man is greater than tens of thousands of hexes.

Trump is simply a judgment. That is what his name means and that is his purpose. A man which the Father has brought to power to judge us. For those who didn’t listen it will lead to a major spanking.

Can’t you sense the weeping and gnashing of teeth?