Disappointed in the direction of this society.  There are so many things to comment onsocially, politically, economically, religiouslyyet there is no point wasting breath with something made up in the minds of countless lost.   Many of them act as robotic resources, further rushing to complete a task to keep up a corrupted system.

There was an older video this person uploaded of older music worship songs.   Although it was made for educational reasons, it was muted by a copyright holder.  It wasn’t to be popular.   It was done humbly to promote the music so people knew it existed.   Yet this happened while our world allows filth to be uncensored.  

Common sense seems to be outlawed in our world today.  In an attempt to change the normal, there is more and more confusion, uncertaintyyet up comes a visage to hide the ignorance.  A vanity stare.

We are too busy creating names for ourselves, creating structures of men.  They will all fall like sandbecause it is not built on the foundation of truth, but opinion.  And opinion, like the onion, will be peeled back to the point nothing remains.  And many will cry on that day.

Whoever is called to do so, let us pray for whoever remains with a humble, willing soul, standing firm to Yah’s calling.  Let us do what is right regardless of the ways the people worship. 

Hopefully those words will not be muted from within.