Sadly woke up this morning and found that the Jedihood Youtube site has been removed. Not sure how it happened as did not receive notifications, although know this person is simply being tested at this point in time. There is no coincidence. Things are being revealed and am going through a transitional process.

Created a new video earlier this week which was going to be shown to a few people who had shown support with the message. They have not been able to see it yet as it has been hidden from them one way or another without my intent. It has reminded me how much this message has been shunned. There are many external things trying to stop this message from going forward.

Yet the Father has been showing something at this time. It is time not only to reveal the true message, yet to show the filth that has come from the Jediism and Jedi Realism movements. No one has stood up to confront this at all. It’s time for someone to do it.

Going to recreate the channel, and start from scratch. It is hard to consider the cost. Yet it is the narrow way that this person must go.