It is more than just a strategic or survivalist stance.

Before evil is plunged into the lava abyss, a saber must carefully be wielded to deliver the precise strike. This thrust, however, cannot be enacted with a passion of malice or hatred—it must be carried out with just demeanor, sincere lament, and faithful resolution.

Yes, faithful ones… we have been showered heavily with life’s fiery embers. We have grown weary in this intimate, strenuous fight. Even still, we must remain the more focused—for with great position comes weighted accountability.

We must not stumble openly in the light.

Let us remember the story of Moshe, the deliverer who consistently pleaded for the people of Israel when they whined and faltered. Although they were given many opportunities to correct behavior, in Moshe’s case it took only a blunder—frustratingly he hit the rock instead of speaking to it. As the consequence, he was personally denied the very Promised Land he sought after.

Although the stiff-necked and gullible are given leeway, the virtuous path remains narrow and difficult. Yes, mistakes are sometimes made—yet let us make them early on in our journey. Just as Moshe grew during the years of shepherding sheep, such an experience we should also retain.

Higher ground can be attained. Such ground, however, is never to be used for personal leverage. It is not used for prideful banter or lustful arrogance. Its advantage is only for the principled.

Only with uprightness will the approach succeed.