Wheat Field

The passage of Psalms 126, after its initial reading, has remained part of a solemn spirit for some weeks. Perhaps solemnity itself has helped kept its words from being forgotten.

Going to go ahead and speak about it.

Upon reflection, the words appear to mirror the very experiences captured by this person’s online adventures. It recalls, for instance, a time of plenty, when young people came to spiritual discovery–yet it also witnesses a time which burdened individuals remain stuck in spiritual captivity.

Many tears have been sowed for these oppressed people. Some of these tears, in fact, have been for the very ones who have come against this message. Within those very tears, though, sows the seeds of joy.

Although there have been many tares of deception found within the wheat fields of substance, there comes a time to gather and bring in the sheaves for a great feast. Perhaps, just perhaps, such a time will come upon us.

The tares, in the very act of this gathering, will be separated and burned. It is through the destruction of temples (just as it was for the people who initially sung this psalm) that a foundation will form, providing great relief and celebration.

Such times of fasting have brought great and mighty blessings.

In the final verse, it states, “he that goes forth and weeps, bearing precious seed, shall in no doubt come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”

Perhaps he will come again–removing captivity in order to embrace a plentiful harvest.

So it is for those who dream.