The Jedihood Message

By Their Fruits

By Their Fruits

A familiar passage of scripture will be shared today. It concerns a simple, yet forgotten principle which needs to be reiterated at this time. How quickly it has been forgotten.


Seeker of the Contrite Heart

Plenty have catered on personal strength to succeed, yet what of those who position themselves towards the higher calling? These are the people worth seeking at this hour.

Man Kneeling

The Greater Success

The Father has provided great strength to overcome many obstacles. It is his strength, and his strength alone, which has produced great success.

Wheat Field

We Were Like Them That Dream

The passage of Psalms 126, after its initial reading, has remained part of a solemn spirit for some weeks. Perhaps solemnity itself has helped kept its words from being forgotten.


An Empire of Dreams

When reflecting upon the dream from twenty years back, remember the portion in which this person looked inside a once familiar house to see Stormtroopers marching in unison. It was quite shocking to see such—to witness a group who had lost their identity.

Knight Humble Kneeling

The Father’s Crusade

The Father has asked to present another message prior to the completion of the first full written release.



Am currently putting together all of the messages from the beginning of this page (which is also posted on the website) to this point in time within a single readable document.

Fiery Furnace

Fiery Furnace

The reason why this message remains for the years it has is because the fire cannot be quenched. Its stance only urges the curious to seek what has been censored.


Thoughts of the Heart

There is a passage of scripture given prior to the flood of Noah, in which the Father notes how the imagination of man’s heart was only evil continually. This can be compared to what Yahshua gives in Matthew 24: “As the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the son of man.”