Reaching Jedihood

Memorials built by the mighty shall fall from stature and become great proverbs of reproach… yet the lowly will recognize the lesson and kneel in haste.

The Potential

What we say can either connect or repel.  It is a sword providing not only warmth and comfort yet also detachment and irritation.   It can quiet a passionate heart or save a hopeless soul.  

The Javelin

Balaam, not being able to directly curse the Israelites, had a devious plan to bring the Moabite daughters to weaken the strength of the mighty camp. This plague was so efficient it took down even priestly leadership.

Give Up

Often enough we are quick to pursue lifestyles which conclude in frivolous nonsense. External noises, anxious to diverge its attention, break upon the internal realms of countless souls for the greatest impact.

Inner Peace

In reflection, have discerned the Father’s ways to be too upright for commonality–specifically the superficial, senseless routines today. His precepts require a sobering and consistent holiness… a diligent, steadfast strength which perseveres through dire circumstances.

Knowledge of Our Weakness

They looked to themselves and the power they possessed. They trained, they studied… they fought great battles and gained much success until the very end. It was at this end when all the vain glory was swept away.


Massing great amounts of reeds does not alter the nature of its bending! A slew of ambiguous, inconsistent standards, moving whichever way the wind blows, will not save us in perilous waters.

Higher Ground

Higher ground can be attained. Such ground, however, is never to be used for personal leverage. Its advantage is only for the principled.

The Contention

Although the urge to confront remains, we must carefully reflect to see an even greater contention—a biological, anthropomorphic universe which has submerged itself in carnal, beastly desires.

So Comes the Flood

Such systems are toppling down upon inspecting minds. When certain curtains are parted and the men of sin are revealed, there will be no turning back.