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Yahshua, Then and Now

For those who have really strayed as of later years, am usually called to go back in time (especially during the times the original Star Wars movies were filmed), to see what soundness people had when reflecting scripture.

The following is a 12-part series created in the early 1980's in England called Jesus, Then and Now.   Sadly it is more sound then many of the popular, yet flawed commentaries existing today.   It presents a foundation of who Yahshua was in a way Gentiles can understand.   Although this is an early presentation, it is sincere and keeps the focus on who he was instead of doctrinal teachings which twist his motives. 

It is a good primer for early readers of the four good messages (Gospels) in scripture and is about five to six hours in length.



This is next on my list to watch. Looks very interesting 

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