The Jedihood Camp

The Jedihood Camp
A public gathering to learn about Jedihood. Not for the purpose of disagreement, opinion, or debate.

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Work on Video Presentation


For some weeks, have received confirmation that it is now time to return to work on a stalled video presentation.   Have put it off for a couple of years due to specific circumstances, yet recently have been given three sets of dreams which has really taken me by surprise.  Each dream sequence appears to confirm the need to revisit this project so am going to start taking it seriously.

Have been in communication with a couple of people for assistance, with at least one other who will join at a future time.  Am being called to script this presentation (unlike the previous Jedihood and Swordfire Series) and create a more professional work. 

This project was originally called The Father Be With You.   Am still sensing this is the appropriate title, given the focus on the Father as well as it being a phrase which shows similarities with both the Aharonic blessing in scripture and the Jedi mantra from the Star Wars movies.  This bridge is essential in helping to understand the true Jedi persona.

For the last week or so, have really been avoiding working on the project for various reasons.   Partially because of the weight of such a project.  With that said, have received too many confirmations to avoid it.  This is the time to realize it, so, we'll see what happens.   Pray that the Father blesses our hands.

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