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The Promotion

The Promotion

Over the last twenty years, have observed a significant increase of incentives to self-promote oneself for public exposure. Such incentives have strayed people towards various imaginations, stressing sensationalism (and the pocketbook) over the actual validity of the message and action given. The world’s attention has also delved further and further to those who learn to effectively advertise themselves over the actual validity of performance. This misleading reward has caused great problems, revealing how easily we can be swayed.

How easy it is, for instance, to look at the amount of views instead of the measure of truths! This is a testament to the great apathy towards authenticity and purity.

There is, though, a promotion hardly spoken about, especially during these times of mindless spectacle and self-gluttony. People sense its need (especially when partaking in playful simulation) yet cannot grasp its actual condition—this is because they search according to their own terminology instead of acknowledging their self-futility.

The greater accolade will only present itself to those able to kneel towards a far greater responsibility. Only when we have proven our valor in the face of great, monumental challenges can such a presentation manifest.

Contrary to belief, these challenges cannot be surpassed through self attainment—for it requires a challenge of surrender.

Knighthood, my friends, takes surrender.

To surpass these challenges, we must commit towards the daily fasting of ourselves in order to appeal to the greater source. This source comes from the Father in heaven. Only when we have fully demonstrated our loyalty to the Father (instead of the vulgar enticements from the crowd) can we partake of a ceremony of his choosing.

The Father’s loyalty is to be completed with virtues as honesty, courage, and humility. If any out there are found with no such virtue, this accolade cannot be legitimately bestowed—no matter how actively publicized it is paraded. Man himself cannot bestow such recognition.

“Do not boast so proudly, or let arrogance come from your mouth—for Yah is a Elohim who knows. It is by him in which actions are weighed” (1 Samuel).

Let us also be reminded that, even when bestowed, accolades can be removed just as quickly as they are acquired. In fact, spiritual mantles should be revoked from those who purposely misdirect upon the paths of carnality (this person, in short, has been called to such revoking as have full legal right to do so).

“Do not look on his countenance, or on the height of his stature,” said the Father to Samuel, “because I have refused him.”

Yet for the few who actively demonstrate his great loyalty, and may, at times, accidentally stumble upon this path of honor—the Father will judge righteously by focusing on the rule in their leading. “Man looks on the outward appearance, but Yah looks upon the heart.”

Given this—for those out there ready to mature into a walk of true knighthood, a stark realization must come upon you: An active advancing of self-attainment will not save you in the fulfillment. Only in the true display of honor can one be offered a true promotion.

Do not allow your ears to be itched by deceivers, dear brothers and sisters. Learn this now before someone convinces you otherwise.

It is interesting you post that. This past year I stopped work on 3 separate things I had been striving for. Lets call them "degree's." All of which had taken several years of work and were close to being achieved. You mentioned stumbling, this morning I woke and was thinking of them again. How close to finishing them I was and still am. I prayed for understanding why I still sometimes hear that call to accomplish such things. A few hours later I read your post. 

Is it any different than the garden of Eden? Simply do this thing and gain something. Strive and have. Reach out your hand and take what you desire. It can all be yours if you just submit to someone else's program or your own wants. 

Matthew 4:9

“All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”


It is very easy to loose sight of the real 'masterclass', so to speak, in order to focus on personal attainment due to a perception/opinion of how it should work.   It is very easy to bite of this fruit.   

The knight, according to the accolade, is supposed to stand for truth and to defend the weak.   People can call themselves what they will—yet if you do not see the honor, the humility, the standing for truth at inconvenient times, or the defending of the malnourished from the bad shepherding, then they are simply not a knight.   There is this crazy falsehood out there which believes you simply take care of your own personal matters and not raise the sword for justice.   People will quickly raise their sword in order to promote a personal or political goal, yet are slow when reputation or degree is at stake. 

A knight who sees these obscenities has the duty (not a choice, yet duty) to report it so that the mantle is removed from the unjust.  Once the watchman reports the abominations, and it is proven factual (according to testimony of two or three witnesses), it cannot be removed from the court.  

Now people will attempt to dirty the water of this finding because they are conflicted with towers built on greed and pride, yet the Father will judge between both sides.  People don't understand it is a spiritual concept.   They do not understand that justice comes from the directive of judgment.  If you cannot discern evil nor confront it when it is paraded, then how can you defend justice?   That is the whole point of knighthood.

These groups that refer to themselves as Jedi (they aren't Jedi), for instance, are eating from self-attaining trees which lead to destruction.   Simply look at the fruits.   They will keep up with their lustful eating until they fall sick to the ground.   Let their own works humble them so that everyone can witness the result of their choices.   They do not deserve healing if they cannot humble themselves to be healed.   They are cursed from their haughtiness and they well know it.

Notice there is a bowing down regardless.   The path of knowledge through personal attainment will also lead to a humbling.  It just takes longer and a lot of wasted effort.   Yet the path to the Father's relationship leads to an intentional humbling.   Get the humbling out of the way.  

How many times do we have to see the teaching:

Many go forward based on sets of markers, taking advantage of the backs before them yet do not acknowledge the lessons learned.  They do not know how to harness the mantle.  

Do not partake in their errors and stay true to the calling.   Even the hero accidentally stumbled upon the word of the Almighty, yet go forward (according to the book) and cross the bridge of faith.  This age is dissipating—and when it does, there will be a weeping and gnashing of teeth.  No need to be part of it.


In fact, have you not been watching this?


I have. As I watched it I was struck- as the Israelite's leave Egypt and captivity they blow horns. I knew the sound of the first horn, it was the same as used in Return of the Jedi by the Ewoks. Looking into it that was apparently done on purpose. Another sign that there is more going on than meets the eye. 


The victory trumpet call that the ewoks used at the end of the Battle Of Endor was the same as the trumpet call that was used in The Ten Commandments. It can be heard when the Jews are about to leave Egypt for the Promised Land.Sep 6, 2006

Star Wars Secrets: Exploring Ewoks - IGN

http://www.ign.com › articles › 2006/09/06 › star-wars-secrets-exploring-e.

Going to re-post the link again: https://www.ign.com/articles/2006/09/06/star-wars-secrets-exploring-ewoks

Yes, it was definitely intentional.

This sound comes from what the Hebrews refer to as the Shofar, or the ram's horn (actually just heard it tonight to signify the start of First Fruits).  The sound is ingrained in our memories from ancients past.   Israel blew it when going into battle, as well as in victory (you hear it at the end of the battle as well), various signals (enemy watch, call to repentance), and major events (such as feast days).  It has translated into more common practices, such as city chimes (such as the Big Ben in England).

There are various blows to the Shofar.  Let's go ahead and share this:

There are many references in Star Wars which give cue signs, as it is making thematic (visual and audio) tie-ins to a formula of the epic.   The epic, in today's standards, refers to a successful visual work, yet it's actual meaning comes from ancient narration, especially the stories found in scriptural writings.   They existed well before the time of Moshe (Moses) yet were placed along with the times of the Exodus and so forth.


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