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The Perfect Sign

Will share a graphic which depicts the symmetrical sign which occurred from Winter 2010 to Winter 2019.   These signs weren't fully explored until further revealing of the Tetrad Moons. 

Perfect Sign

Remember seeing a great sign in Winter 2010 (12/21/10, as shown in graphic) during the dead of night, which was a red lunar eclipse.  It eclipsed right over the head of Orion which stood feet down in the South.   The clouds were around most of the night yet moved out of the way when the sign occurred.  It was an amazing sight to behold and is seared in my memory.  Was 30 years old in my older side backyard/garage while everyone was fast asleep.   It was not known at the time it was the start of the symmetry.  This sign though changed the course of my life and know it was meant for me to see.  Started to grow a beard for the first time while my music playing matured.  

It was three years later (just prior to the Tetrad) when this person realized it was time to start speaking out again.