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The Jedihood Message (2020 Manuscript, PDF)

Hi there,

The following is a digital document copy of The Jedihood Message manuscript as of Aviv (late March) 2020.  

The Jedihood Message


It might take a bit of time to load depending on your internet connection.

This manuscript is free.   It is purposely not being copyrighted or published.   It is also currently not being advertised in order to avoid a particular spirit.  You are more than able to share this manuscript with whomever you are called to do so.  You can print it and make as many copies as you need.  Freely receive and freely give.  

With this said, do not make any financial profit from these words and/or present them as your own by stealing the fire.  Doing so, according to scripture, will bring a serious curse unless released by the messenger (you have been warned).   Also, do not take these words lightly as they were given by The Father.  


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