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The Book of Proverbs - Part 1

The first of a series of videos which goes over the book of Proverbs. This video is both an introduction to the book as well as a reading of the first portion (chapter) and its segments.

About to finish the Torah. Do you recommend staying in order next with the Prophets or moving into another book? Was considering the Gospels next 

It is good that you are almost done reading the Torah.  You are inheriting great treasures my friend, treasures no one can take away from you.

Before going forward, you should reflect and meditate on what you read.   Pray about what you are to focus next.   You should though go on to to Joshua and Judges, which are great books.   Such books people glance over yet have no clue what it means to be a warrior.  

Joshua and Caleb, for example, were mighty men of valor.   Show me a person who lives which such faith and you will hear me say we have a great future.  How many, for example, would go against the will of the crowd even to the point of getting stoned by the people, later to wait 40 years to gain their inheritance?  Thank goodness they didn't go by the social media algorithms.


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