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Swordfire ⁠— The Video Series

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Swordfire is a 21-part video series which was recorded from May to October 2017.  The series started about a month after The Jedihood Series conclusion video was recorded.    

Each video from the series captures important lessons learned, holding a more mature, scriptural insight than previous recordings.   It is a natural continuation for those who have followed along with the previous series and are ready for a deeper, non-Star Wars metaphor set of teachings.  As of what is known, no one has stated publicly to have been able to complete both video series—hence the recordings stopped for certain persons to catch up.

As with The Jedihood series, the videos were recorded in multiples of seven.  In fact, each video was recorded during the seventh day (last day) of the week.

Topics recorded during the series:

Introduction - The Rest - The Closet - The Pressing - The Reflection - The Threshing - The Threshold
The Prayer - The Father Figure - The Curse - The Plea - The Blessing - The Servant - The Rejection
The Guardrail - The Inspection - The Judgment - The Habit - The Becoming - The Signs - The Report

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