The Jedihood Camp

The Jedihood Camp
A public gathering to learn about Jedihood. Not for the purpose of disagreement, opinion, or debate.

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Never have so few been asked for so much by so many. What we are used to- Anger, hate, vengeance need be left behind. Forgiveness, accountability, justice (not vengeance) are what we need to embrace. The Exodus did not happen overnight. After many challenging plagues they had but a light pack and left not knowing where they were going. Remember that in compassion there is a line we cannot cross. Follow in His sons path in all things. In all He did He never complied with their machinations. May the Father be with you all.  

The challenge before us teaches this: a great amount of people who believe in doing a task do not to prioritize over a dedicated few who are enabled to do a task properly.

As with the Jedihood message and its origin, it is better to go forward alone with virtue then with a spiritly malnurished entourage.  As it says, "a remnant shall escape and yet again take root downward, bearing fruit upward."

Let us stay focused on the path.  The Father be with us all.


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