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Red Sea Crossing Archaeology

Some years ago on Facebook, someone defiantly asked me of evidence regarding the existence of Moshe and his journeys in the wilderness.   This was a very easy question to answer.   For instance, when bringing up the Egyptian chariot wheels found in choral near the crossing site, the conversation ended abruptly with a lack of response. 

The truth is much has been found in the last 35 years regarding place markers and strong archaeological evidence regarding specific Torah events, although much has not reached the populace.  In fact, in conversation with one of the brothers who helped me present the Jedihood message, a comment was made that if the world found evidence of certain artifacts in scripture, it would shock the world.  Sadly informed him that much has already been found but you aren't supposed to know.  There is a false-historical narrative which our social structure desperately works to maintain, whereas the true historical account is buried.  It is a matter of control. 

Here, for instance, are some videos regarding the Red Sea Crossing and other related research.

Much of this now can easily be found online.


Chariot Wheels in Choral (The 1997 and 2000 Expeditions):


Footage of Red Sea Crossing and Mount Sinai (2016):



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