A public gathering to learn about Jedihood. Not for the purpose of disagreement, opinion, or debate.

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Congrats on this site, Yahunatan.  It's beautiful 🙂  You really have an eye for inspiring imagery.

In any case, thank you for inviting me here, though I'm sorry I didn't show up earlier.  

What I like is that the people you brought together are a small and tight-knit group of people, put here for a good "cause", for lack of a better word.  Perhaps a better word would be "purpose" or "reason".  A people who want to reason with others to see the truth.

I'd like to apologize in advance if you find me a little resistant to certain ways of thinking.  I have a bad history with Christianity, and I'm trying to heal through the teachings that Yahunatan has been kind enough to share with me.  He knows my difficulties, and has been very patient with me, more so than I deserve.

Anyway, I look forward to having some interesting conversations here.  Certainly deeper than the shallows that Jediists tread through.

Welcome! Seeing how wrong what we commonly call "Christianity" really is compared to scripture has helped me over come some bad past experiences I have had in various "churches."  Those experiences caused me to seek eastern thought, just as the Jedihood videos speak of. It has been a long road. Hope you can find what you are seeking 

Aharon, what you said reach touched deep.   Thank you fellow brother.

Words have the power to heal when used for the Father's purpose.   The Father is really great and has given us the ability to do great things in his name.  He was okay in forming this at this hour, as certain things have finally come about (as we spoke about in the video series).

This will help set things right, in the right way.   The shackles of the past are being removed and now have a clean slate.   Let us remember this and make the right decisions.  Let us keep things simple while focusing on depth in the simple things.   We are going to keep it intimate as it should be.  We will also defend the Father's word. 

With that said, people can learn about Jedihood regardless of their travels in Christianity and/or those who observe the fictional Jedi (fans), or those of the Jedi groups.   The sojourner is welcomed.  With that said, the Father's name will be lifted up above all personal beliefs.  Everyone, including myself, is going to be made low (Aharon, am willing to help clean your toilet).   When we all bow to his will there will be no conflicts here.

It's been a long road, yet the fruits are nearly ready to be eaten.


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