The Jedihood Camp

The Jedihood Camp
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Jedihood — The Early Messages

Sun by Dock

The following is a group of eighteen (18) messages which were given prior to the Jedihood Message.  

These messages, spanning from 2013-2017, depict a noteworthy progression to the message we see today.   They come in five parts over five seasons:

  • The first was the original first message which broke a fasting of silence (Spring 2013)
  • The second was a series of messages to help reopen The Jedi Creed, which later was re-closed (Spring 2014)
  • The third was a series of warnings given to the Jedi Community, yet were ignored (Spring 2015)
  • The fourth is the second last message given while starting the Jedihood video series (Spring 2016)
  • The fifth is the last message while ending recording of the Jedihood video series (Spring 2017)


Jedihood — The Early Messages

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