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Jedihood ⁠— The Original Series

The Jedihood Series

Jedihood ⁠— The Original Series


Jedihood comes to life on March 29th, 2016.   It started as a video conversation between two spiritual brothers which came together again after ten years of silence.  Both were prominent leaders in their mid-20's, yet now were called to focus on humility and moving people out of their comfort zones.   They spent an entire year, from March 2016 to March 2017, putting together a video series which would challenge the very structures they helped to create.

This series was not easy to do.  From the beginning to end, they met many obstacles.   It was unpopular and people deeply hated it as it exposed falsehoods.   People were also turned off by the changes that were predicted to come.  The series was shared prematurely before the end of its production, and, at one point, was deleted from YouTube.   Yahunatan, for instance, never made himself known to any of the sites or forums during the recordings, as he was disgusted by their immaturity and disrespect, having them watch from a far distance.   He eventually left them entirely for their actions.

It was these sorts of signs though which encouraged Jedihood as it is known today.  

The Jedihood Series was created in four volumes:

Volume One:  The volume that started it all—a courageous feat which met strong adversity, predicted sharp decline of Star Wars in March 2016.   It is five hours in length.

Volume Two: A controversial volume bringing new insight to the Jedi origin—cut short as a key creator stepped back in series.  It is four hours, thirty minutes in length.

Volume Three: The volume which established the Jedihood message—two creators rejoin to continue where they left off.  It is eight hours in length, nearly double of the previous volumes.

Volume Four: The original series comes to full maturity—the longest running volume which carries depth of series.   It is eleven hours in length and goes into much more depth than the previous volumes.

In between the volumes is a Prologue and a Epilogue.  There was also a teaser and a trailer produced.

All together, the video series is roughly thirty hours in length.   Very few have been able to watch the entire series, although over the years it has become a visual guide for those learning about Jedihood.

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