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In The Footsteps

We have heard the Chinese proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".   Actively continuing a journey until its completion, though, is a much more challenging matter. 

Confronting attrition is paramount in completing a challenge.  When working on various work projects with others, for instance, have noticed certain uninterested people begin to wane around the 33% (1/3) range, whereas those who are more dedicated start to wane around the 66% (2/3) range.  The resiliency of those who get past 70% is what really becomes noticeable.  

For those who make it through slugging times, they have proven the ability to continue while others lose notice of them, as well as press on while not seeing immediate rewards.   In other words, they seek the greater reward.

When walking in the footsteps of the Father, my personal will is placed down, for it, as many, can be a seeker of immediacy.  This provides the necessary strength to continue in the good fight.  As Paul gave advice to Timotheus, "Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life for which you are called⁠—for you have declared a good declaration before many witnesses."   It is a good foundation that is being built.

Although when we point back to that which seeks immediacy, we are brought down to the temptations of man.   The climb to the mountain, just as with Moses, will be difficultyet the Father seeks the overcomer.

Thought to share these words.  Feel free to respond if needed.

Is it just the immediacy of reward or reward at all? What was man created for and why do we always feel like we should have something more? Whether its knowledge of good and evil or having a bigger congregation/following or even a promise of tomorrow. 

"All is vanity," as Solomon wrote.  These questions reminded me of the writings in Ecclesiastes.   In the end, as he reasoned with himself in later years, finally came down to the truththere is nothing worth doing yet to serve and respect Yah Elohim, and to follow his commands every moment of your being.   Doing so is the ultimate will of our existence.  

The problem is in our own justification.   As mentioned, seeking reward, or the attainment of knowledge of good and evil.  This word, as most words are in our language, is based on Greek/Roman thinking and carries with it the cultural mindset of the civilizations before us.  A clearer understanding would be the Hebrew, which would be blessing.   Please think about this word.   Already, it should help ease some of your concern—for it is not based on what we can obtain by our own works, yet according to our obedience to the Father's ways.  The drive, Mikhael, is to serve.   The blessing comes only natural. 

The Father blesses those who obey him because it is in his very sinless nature to do so.  This original, sinless nature was found before our fallit is to be found within us upon our return. 

As you know, constantly bring up the parable of the theatre.   There are many lessons to learn here.   One of these lessons is the very purpose of performing.   It is not done because we ultimately seek attention of ourselves.   It is not to seek congregates.   The Father looks at the performancethe will to serve him is his will enacted within us, not our own.  The Father will speak when we learn to speak his lines.

Our purpose in life is to serve a director and act in his story. This is not done to seek attention of an audience,  yet to serve the very purpose he desires us to do because he is directing our path for the best. This act brings about blessings... for it is of his good, which is, essentially, ours. 

Trusting him is what it is all about.   The just, as Shaul (Paul) stated, shall live by faith.  

Going to share you this analysis of the book of Ecclesiastes given by David Pawson.   Enjoy.


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