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Hurdles of the Past

As you have rightfully demonstrated Mikhael, have also been dealing with situations still presenting itself from the past.   Putting complete trust in the Father in setting his history straight has been very difficult.   There are many times this person wants to cry out on the rooftops of wrongs committed to this person (very hard to not reveal more identity to certain people at this time).  Yet, over and over again, this person has been reminded that it isn't about this person as much as the message and responsibilities he wants performed.   It is very hard to deny yourself to do this.

He has also helped to remind this person of prior short-comings (that were not even noticed as issues until diligently seeking the Father's path again over the course many years).   This has helped me in being patient with others who do not know what they do.  

Both of us must be patient with this calling just as the Father has been patient with us.   As you can see, the Father's ways are true and will provide clear direction in life.   Yet, as our former lives, we were confused because we thought we knew better on how to control our destines.   And, to some extent, the Father allows this choice of living.   Yet we both know this is not the correct way.   We see the blessings that have come into our lives.   We respect his Spirit more then man, which has lead to great revelation.

The Father though is showing me to forgive and that he will judge in righteousness those who have gone against this message.   And although there are times we are reminded of our past, let it come to only bring resolution, humility, and gratefulness that he remembered us in times of despair.   Look back and see the leading, the trainings, the victories and the losses, the waiting, and the revealing, have all built this person to speak with his authority without fear, and to give his word without regret.   He prepares me for the next battle ahead, providing strength, courage, and wisdom to seek the next day in the fight.   Little was it realized that a knightly servant had to go through such, yet it is the lowering down which builds his up.

Be blessed.


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