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How To Make Money

Am going to share a presentation video from Kent Hovind recorded many years ago called How To Make Money.   Its the best video on the subject and is quite blunt in its honesty.  Helped saved me years of grief.

In my youth, after working for some years, realized people don't want to make an income yet want to be given income.   In the end, they lose it because they do not know what effort it took to earn it.  They also see income in terms of being an intrinsic, finite resource.   In truth, it is simply a method of transaction. 

For generations, people have been cursed because they do not understand the worth of true wealth, such as virtue and morality.   Yes, much can be taken from you... yet if the character maintains the virtue the prospering will rebound and multiply.   A key example is the life of Yahseph (Joseph) in scripture.  

In the end, it is understanding worth, such as time, health, and, most importantly, the Father's will in your life.  

The following will not be politically correct yet it does give the truth.   Enjoy.


Here is an updated 2018 version: