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God of Ancient China

Hi there,

Going to go ahead and share a video that has been shared at various times to specific people. 

It has helped to clear various misconceptions about Eastern thinking, especially when it comes to their religious and philosophical faiths.  It has also given clear, historical evidence (through linguistics and early recording) as to what the Chinese actually believed in ancient times and how it lines up with the scriptures as written in the Middle East.  

Much of what is practiced by the East today is based on establishments brought about around two thousand years ago.   Contrary to current belief, these establishments are not as ancient as they appear.   Beliefs, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, are actually quite recent compared to the age of human history, coming into existence a bit earlier to Christianity.  In fact, many of the religious establishments today came around the same time period.

Many people might think this person is totally against Eastern thinking when this is not the case.   If you dig earlier into the origin, you will find their thinking (just as with Western thinking) ties into an earlier, ancient form which originated from the fertile crescent.   What makes them seem so different is development and application.

Although this video is performed in a church setting, the key message here is essential.   Would highly recommend watching this video for anyone who has been influenced by Eastern beliefs.  

Keep in mind that the West, as explained prior, also has an earlier origin to the same Middle Eastern region.

In addition, here is a three part lecture series found regarding the fascinating truth about the ancient Chinese culture:

Part 1 - The God of the Ancient Chinese:


Part 2 - The Origin of the Chinese People:


Part 3 - The Unknown God:



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