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You are what you eat (consume)
This is an interesting new movie that just released on April 10th. I would think many of us here have seen a lot of this before, however it includes updated events and speaks to the larger picture. Not just what is happening on the worldly stage but also what it means and is doing to us as people. This mans testimonial is powerful and straight to the point of what is happening in the world. The second testimonial even mentions that once this all comes out we will realize we are in the middle of the greatest story even being told. Learn the Script and know what is required. The hour grows late. 
To me it is becoming more and more apparent that one cannot compromise. Incrementalism has taken its toll and we do not grasp how far we have gone as a civilization into darkness. It is time to be hot or cold. 
It reminded me of this classic movie. The watchmen have been blowing their horns for a long, long time. 

We are in a very unique time in history, no question about it.  

Insightful comment (appreciate the earlier sharing of observation without the stressing of personal views, seeing it from the aspect of scripture). There is quite a bit to say here.  

First off, have seen this video prior as it was shared to me by a family member.  Quite a few people have—although both of us have come across these things for over a decade, certain things are being revealed to the masses as we are getting close to a critical moment in this world.   It is honestly a blessing to see such, although it is a very dark time to live in.   Yet, with any story, there is conflict.   

The key here though is not to focus on personal will to set things right.  As long as there is the spirit of usury, as many of these powers have come to, it will simply rise up again.   The essence of the movie though appeared to be how the person giving the testimony slowly began to see the spiritual, demonic side behind all of this.   This darkness is realthat is why we need the Father's protection at this time.   Without protection, you will be influenced by these powers.   It is distasteful to see the holly (we spoke about this in the series) being used to cast spells upon people.   This is what mediums do.  People worship these stars (they are called stars for a reason).  Aharon and myself speak about this in Volume 2 of the series.

Network is basically a disclaimer by the establishment to give a glimpse.   In the time this movie was released, the world was going through the Jesus movement and were slowly starting to see the error of their ways (especially after the Vietnam war and the drug issues).   This is when Star Wars was being written, as well as many of the movies about Yahshua (for instance, Jesus of Nazareth).   You can easily apply Network to the World Wide Net.   It is called a net for a reason.   Maurice Sklar, a humble man, had a vision about thisseeing the world caught in a web (which originally was meant for good) yet became full of darkness.   This was seen back in the mid-1980's.  Interesting you bring this up as we also quoted the movie in the series.

The "evangel" that the network man eventually teaches becomes clear (this is the essentially what the leaders of this world are saying to certain movers and shakers, including yourself).   But, yes, this is what is believed and why human evolutionary science is practiced in our world.  We see it today (Reality TV), which is more than just news and shows now.

This business man represents their god (much could be said here).  Yet again, with this mentioned, we need to see the spiritual war here and note that the Father's covering will protect us from the directive of the false ones. 


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