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Creatures of Abomination

Here is a based question someone asked today:

Noticed in the verses of Leviticus 11: 42-43 that it refers to several creatures not as unclean but as abominations. I had always understood that definition as being reserved for things not created by God or twisted by man⁠—unnatural, like GMOs.   These, though, are normal creatures⁠.   So, I am wondering, do I not understand His meaning of abomination?   Or are these creatures not original to the earth?

This is an excellent question from someone who is really paying attention to what is being written. Let us look at the context a bit to see what spiritual law it is attempting to clarify.

First, the overall passage goes over four separate types of living creatures, in which laws are clarified as to which is clean/unclean for eating:

1) Walking creatures (creatures which live on the land by walking upon it)
2) Swimming creatures (creatures which live in the water by swimming in it)
3) Flying creatures (creatures which live in the sky by flying in it)
4) Creeping creatures (creatures which live on the ground by creeping upon it)

In the English language, it is harder for us to distinguish between walking and creeping creatures, yet each of these are vastly different dominions/kingdoms. To understand the difference, look at the actions being performed (walking, swimming, flying, creeping). Human beings, as we will find later, also live in a distinct dominion.

Now the purpose of the passage is discussed in Leviticus 11:47—it is to distinguish between 1) the clean and the unclean, as well as between 2) the creatures that may and may not be eaten. Follow this with the Hebrew meaning of abomination, which one of the strongest (if not the strongest) word the Father gives to show something as utterly disgusting, something that is detestable, repulsive, and vile. You see this word, for instance, when it comes to worshiping other gods, which is seen in the Father's eyes as prostitution. What we are actually reading here is about a curse (an unnatural structure) within a particular domain and that it is unclean because it holds an abomination.

The book of Genesis gives further clarification on this. In Genesis 1:26, The Father (among his other aspects seen within him, known as Elohim) blessed man (human kind) by making them in his image, or likeness. This likeness allows them to have dominion over the swimming creatures, the flying creatures, the walking creatures (animals), and the creeping creatures (crawling creatures). Notice how there is a slight separation of crawling creatures from the rest of the other creatures. From reading the scriptures, you will note there is a distinction being made here.

Let's give further explanation.

The story of creation, in essence, is about the splitting and creating of domains. On the fifth day, there was a separation between two dominions (that of the swimming and flying creatures made).  The six day has the same (that of the walking creatures and humans, or spiritual, God-like creatures). Notice that the creeping creatures were created on day four and crept (or swarmed) upon the water—there is no mention of them upon the ground in this passage. So a question could be asked is did the Father originally create them to creep on the ground. If we look further in Genesis, it will shed further light into this.

Let's now go to Genesis 3. We have the serpent, which, at this point in time, is a flying creature. This flying creature, which looks upon the Tree of Knowledge of God and Evil, speaks with the spirit of Satan, which is the Adversary. Humanity, which are the God-like creatures, lowers themselves to the counsel of the flying creature (note that Elohim said man was to rule the flying creatures). Adam is not guarding the garden domain as he was told, and because of it, everyone falls from their higher state into a lower state. The serpent, for instance, goes on its belly and is cursed more then all of the land creatures. It craws on the dust. Note that this is not what the creeping things were created to do in creation. In other words, what we are seeing here is a cursed dominion (similar to the human dominion), one that is given distinct separation from other domains.

As for humanity, the ground is cursed in which work is a burden. Fruitfulness now comes with pain. Humanity is now in a dominion that is cursed, which, in essence, affects the entire planet. This domain is also cursed, yet the difference is the Father covers them and sets a plan of atonement due to the unknowing trickery of the adversary. He does not do this with the flying-turned-creeping creature, for it acted in intentional knowledge.

If you go to the book of Ezekiel (the beginning chapter) and look upon the wheel of living creatures, you will read that each creature has a head of four faces—a human (front side), a bull (left side), a lion (right side), and an eagle (back side). Each of these represent domains. The human face, or the God-like spiritual being, is in front. Notice the bull is a domesticated animal, whereas the lion is a wild animal. Domestication was later carried out by humanity. They are in a similar domain (walking creatures) yet are separated in their activity. In the back is the eagle, or the flying creature. These are the highest creatures of their domains. Notice it does not have the swimming creature or the creeping creature represented. Take note that creeping things were created in the swarm in the water in day four. In other words, there is an absence of these domains from the other domains when looking upon the heavenly beings.

Let's start putting this together to get an understanding of what is being spoken of in Leviticus. The creeping things are seen as abominable due to the actions in Genesis. They are given a further distinction from the other types of creatures. In Leviticus 11:43-44, it makes it very clear. You are not to make yourselves detestable with any of these swarming, crawling creatures. Do not make yourselves unclean and defile yourselves. Why? Because you are to be holy for the Father is holy. If he is holy, and he is in your camp, you are to act as him. This is what he is telling the Levites, or those who are called to guard and intercede between the Father and man.

This is why his holy people are to really pay attention to this book. We were made to be God-like creatures and to live holy. We are not to take part of the curses of man and the serpent.

Sadly, many have really ostracized this book. Yet what this very act says to us is that they are not meant to receive such a holy mantle. How can the Father come back to Earth if no one is guarding the way to holiness?

Something to think about.


So all serpents were cursed? How was the animal guilty for Satan's actions?

The Hebrew word for serpent is Nahash. Within the word, are various meanings, such as deceiver, divination, and shining one. What is being described here is not a mere snake-like animal like we see today. What is being described is an ancient, insightful, flying serpent creature. Perhaps an easier word for us to digest would be the Greek word drakon (or dragon, as described in Revelation 20), which means huge serpent, or seeing one.

This serpent has been depicted in various legends throughout the ancient world and is still found deep within the human makeup due to this ancient trauma. Serpent symbolism, for instance, give references to sun worship, sexual expression, and divination. These are key actions in understanding the Genesis 3 encounter. In other words, we are dealing with a very ancient and powerful seraph spirit, known as the Adversary. Satan is simply a title, describing its performance.

To help with this, think of a pre-flood, sinless environment which is quite different then our current environment. This is a very large, beautiful (yet cunning) flying creature. You can see its size in the story, for instance, within the constellation Draco. Look at a constellation chart and you should get a good idea of what the ancients saw.


In short, the answer from scripture is that the Nahash, the old serpent, is Satan incarnate. The serpent-kind, just as we see today, are born on their belly eating the dust, as according to the curse given in Genesis 3. Humanity, also, is born under their own curses as found in the same passage, this though with Adam (Adam and Hammah, Eve).

Although not as clear in scripture, yet present, the angelic seraphim do have connections to the animal kingdoms (such as the early passage of Ezekiel and the angelic seraphim with the heads of various creatures). It is not a coincidence, for example, that all of these heads (human, eagle, bull, and lion) have been worshiped on false images, including the dragon.


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