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A Generational Reflection

Thought that it would be good to share this video.  Hope it can touch some of those out there, especially those born of a certain time period (which will not be named) that has gone through similar situations as this person did.

In my years of late high school and early college, began to grasp a spiral pattern that repeated every other generation (sometimes it would skip depending on the transition).  This same cycle, in turn, could be somewhat witnessed within a person's life itself.  This particular person being interviewed is of a generational skip, and, given that it was recorded 30 years ago, would provide a proper context to explain this understanding.

Most people sense they have to experience everything to know it for themselves.  This, though, takes considerable time.   Thousands of years ago, generational lessons spanned much more closer together than it does today. Experience, as taught by elders, were much more accessible.  Today, the lack of eldership in the family creates a serious problem.  Society keeps informing us that we need to separate from family to create individuality.  This action, though, is a method which creates repetitive dilemmas.

The thing is we do not have to go through the same trials as our ancestors—that is, if we take heed to their realization.  This does not mean that we cannot learn from our own mistakes.  We certainty can.  Yet, given the fleeting life span, time (especially devoted to relational development) is a most precious commodity. 

With that said, here is the video.  Hope this helps someone out there.


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