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#7: The Transformation (10/2/20)

The Transformation

It is now time to share what happened during the years between leaving the Jedi Community and later being called to give the Jedihood message. Seven years passed during this critical period—a transformation occurred which, although unexpected, brought inner peace and great revealing.

Key situations brought a slow resentment leading to my eventual departure in July 2006. This person had grown not only a tiredness, yet a frustration and sense of usury. It was difficult to find the previous seven years of selfless work (since April 1999) be thwarted by self-ambitions aimed at rotting it to the core. Although many dressed as sheep, deep within the group were ravenous wolves that desired full reign at whatever cost.

Don’t get me wrong—there were still some people around who meant well and were sincere. By this time, though, many had dwindled slowly, one by one. Had fought it for a couple years prior yet it eventually took its hold on me.

You see, after fighting for a half year to keep things stable, a prior close friend (who had left the community herself) eventually reached out to me and brought me to my senses. She had left for very similar reasons the others had prior—seeing not only the tainted influence coming into the movement yet the fruit of what was coming out of it. Did what this person could to bring the ship back on course, especially with the Academy, yet slowly, as certain people were tested, the truth could not be denied. It was very hard to hear. Very hard. And, like most of you today, was in denial. In fact, it was quite similar to what many have recently experienced with these egocentric-based religious/philosophical movements.

As with many of you reading this, know it is not easy to hear someone say that you have been used for someone else’s gain (have been in your very shoes). Yet, as these groups have slowly proven to us, they do not stand for the moral values they once held. They do not call a spade a spade. They live in ignorance to maintain a counterfeit peace. They could be healed if they humbled themselves, yet they refuse to be humbled—and so they are being humbled the hard way.

Leaving the community was one of the hardest decisions for me to make, especially for the sake of those who were earnest and morally-minded. Many who were silent in public contacted me personally asking me to stay. Some were very saddened by the decision, eventually letting me know how much they missed me. Such acts, though, were done away from the public forums. If they would have testified it publically it could have changed my mind, yet knew they were afraid to speak out about it. A few took it really, really hard.

Know if this person would have stayed the community could have went a totally different direction, yet knew the result of the plague would have to be seen—otherwise it would not be thwarted out. This person also had to heal from the battles. Sadly, it was the right thing to do.

Soon afterward, went into hiding and, after repenting greatly for my foolishness, started all over again from scratch.

The year 2007 was one of the most pivotal in my life. Earlier in the year had volunteered a layoff so a worker with children could keep her job. For eight months was unemployed—doing what this person could do to finish my car payment. Started to really focus on playing music during this time (many albums were released back then). By the middle of the year began to get very depressed. It was during this low point, though, that my faith was restored.

About a couple of years beforehand, a prior friend in the Jedi Community had challenged me to read the entire set of scriptures (he was, in fact, a Christian minister who lost his faith after reading it). Although this person had always believed and read scripture, had never read it over completely. Given the time available (the Father had conveniently given me such), felt such a task was vital—to really find out if the scriptures were true or not.

It was an eye opening experience. When finishing the last page of Revelation, this person asked myself, “Is it really that simple? Is that all there is to it?” It became obvious that people didn’t understand what they were reading—for they had been plagued by man made-doctrines which forced a false perception upon scripture and had no real basis on reality. The scriptures were found to be very practical—words to be understood at home and in daily gatherings, not within a church system.

Later realized that it was, indeed, good for this person to have turned away from the church system in the mid-1990's. The problem was, as with most out there, this person unknowingly assumed it was related to the core roots of the faith. The scriptures proved to me, without a shadow of a doubt, that it was a strong case of misinterpretation—not the scriptures itself. It was when reading it openly without prejudice that the words became alive. A burden was lifted from my spirit as was given freedom from the ways of man.

While reading scripture, was led to play a game called Star Wars Battlefront (the original version) by myself. Given that this person had avoided playing video games in previous years, wasn’t exactly sure why the urge came over me (later it was realized it represented a spiritual battle within my spirit). Within a very short time of playing, though, met a young man who was alone himself. Upon befriending him, found that he desperately needed a fatherly-type role in his life (he had an absent father at home). Slowly became aware that the Father had formed this relationship as it would teach the importance of the fatherly role.

Star Wars Battlefront (2004):

After all these years, we are still close friends today (he is known as Yahseph at Jedihood). In fact, the experiences we both shared the following seven years are precious and greatly helped to reveal the Father's ways to me.

For the men out there reading this, one of the greatest gifts you can give is helping a young man who needs guidance. Such a relationship will help you see who the Father really is—he is, essentially, a family man. He is not the erroneous deity that you have been taught.

Back to the story. Believe it or not, much more happened that same year. This person started to discover, for example, the actual Hebrew origin of scripture—this brought even further revelation which would slowly help me point out the counterfeit ways. Was also going to create new web radio station called WebHarvest, although it eventually stalled due to an unexpected job interview which happened in November that year. Right after the interview took place, found out this person was going to be employed (in fact, am currently working for the same employer today).

You see, the Father had given me a new job, helped pay my car in full, provided me a close friend, and renewed my faith—all within the same year. He also gave me plenty of time to reflect on scripture. By giving me a new focus and lease on life, he had proved to me the truth of his word. No one can tell me the scriptures aren’t true because, upon following the words, the blessings and encouragement came. The proof, as it is said, is in the pudding.

The following years (between 2008-2010) were quiet, yet contentful years. It was while playing Star Wars Battlefront that my name handle changed from Relan Volkum to Nexus. Nexus has a similar meaning to Relan (meaning connector), although it represented a transition in my life which reached towards an important stage (eventually went back to the name yet was only used in gaming simulations). My online friend and myself also started a gaming group called The [I/O] Team. The name has several meanings (such as input/output and the volcanic moon), yet it also meant “I Owe”. In other words, everyone on the team had to be responsible and was held to highest moral standards. During this time, we both did character/map modifications, recorded gaming videos, as well as hosted map servers. Such activities would assist us in later years.

By early 2010, had a three-month hiatus which led to a team transition—switching from Star Wars Battlefront to a completely different game (more on this later).

It was upon turning 30 years old that my life drastically changed. It was defined by seeing a great sign in the heavens during the dead of night on December 21st, 2010. There was a red lunar eclipse which eclipsed right over the head of Orion while his feet was set in the South. What made it even more special was that the clouds were around most of the night—yet moved out of the way when the sign occurred. It was an amazing sight to behold and is seared in my memory (remember seeing it when in my former side backyard/garage while everyone was fast asleep).

Little did this person know at the time that it was the start of a great symmetry—later to be realized as the perfect Tetrad moon sign, which started from 12/21/10 all the way to 1/21/19 (no other Tetrad in our known history had ever seen such symmetry before). It was also the day of the Great Conjunction of the two large planets (known as Jupiter and Saturn), which were at its closest since the 1600's.

This sign changed the course of my life. Eventually understood that it was an actual call sign which had been given to me. Right after that night, start grow a beard for the first time in my life. My music playing also matured, leading to a set of mature albums (starting with the album Within released in 2011).

Was also called back to fully read the set of scriptures again. In fact, it was during the second reading that the words really began to click. My eyes were spiritually opened and suddenly began to see a deep ugliness that was never noticed before. The agenda of this world had come into focus.

By 2012, was brought awareness to the elite of this world. This, though, was represented by a second game simulation. Unlike the Star Wars Battlefront game, The [I/O] Team was led to another game which trained us on how to deal with a fallen, taken-over world—defending a station of humans against never ending waves of electronic drones. The game, as hinted earlier, was called Global Agenda.

Global Agenda (2010):

Here is a video recording someone made of a DDR Raid in March of 2012. Was the leader of over a hundred successful DDR 10-team raids. Do remember this game as taking the only death, which this person used to rally the others (very rare, although did lead a couple of no deaths). You can see this person in chat, status, and in action. The team did a great job.

It was no coincidence that this person was being trained for a future task, especially while being under certain pressure points. Not only did the simulations teach me how to properly lead in order to reach the goal (even if that meant being the unknown solider or taking much of work load), yet also the never-ending process of defending from outside threats. It was an ongoing battle that had to be waged effectively.

Eventually though, as the year passed, my focus began to transition from entertainment (movies, video games, etc.) to more substantial, educational activities (scripture reading, lecture videos, books, and so forth). This transition brought me to a state of soberness and seriousness. Started to cross to the other side of the spiritual threshold.

In late October of that year, learned that Lucas decided to sell Star Wars to Disney. Knew already the dark origins of Disney and understood what they would do with the franchise (even if the public didn’t). Had already distanced myself from the trend of Star Wars and it was confirmed to be the right move.

That was when the prophetic dreams began again (as what happened in the late 1990's/early 2000's). The Father showed me a glimpse of the future—a series of dream sequences which began in December 14th, 2012 (two years after the lunar sign). It first started with a disheartening tornado dream. Such dreams started to effect me deeply.

In the year 2013, was called to fasting and prayer, investing in the relationship with the Father. Slowly started to move away from the video games (which started to concern my friend). Also started to dig deeper in scripture. Was convicted to start writing again (you can see the first message posted in The Early Messages on April 15th, 2013). Began to sense a calling to do something although wasn’t quite sure at the time what it was. Kept reading the scriptures to find out. Also remember my family started to practice the Hebrew feast days.

By September 4th of that year, was given another series of dream sequences regarding access to hidden information. Truths hidden within scripture began to pop up. Suddenly, the calling became clear—it was time to go back. This person, though, didn’t want to—fought against it for months. The calling became stronger and stronger to the point it started to affected my daily living. All of my prior years was a preparation, a series of training sessions to perform a task that this person didn’t want to do yet needed to do.

When in prayer, kept hearing the words of my friend: “Why don’t you do something about it?” This person has spoken alongside another team member regarding the elite of this world and that it was an unending, futile war. What was the point? The Father, though, said to me it was because people do things according to how they think it should work. “Why don’t you do it my way?” It was then asked “How?” That’s when the message started to come forward.

On July 19th, 2014, had a prophetic dream about a train station. Essentially the overall message of the dream was quite clear—it was time to get on board the last train. My music also was transformed during this time period.

It was after seven years that the hermit stage abruptly stopped. It was initiated by my earlier close friend Streen (Aharon) who came speaking to me about what was going on in the Jedi Community. It bothered me greatly. As mentioned in earlier writings, that is when the fire started to kindle. It was then time to act.

These are the years which transformed my life. Such events can go into much more detail, yet this writing should help the readers understand what occurred and why this person has acted the way he has in recent years. Although this person appears as the outsider, this person came out to defend against the drone mentality that had taken hold of the Jedi Community. You see, the simulations taught me what to do (that is why it comes naturally). The authority, as you can see from the writings, is already there. This person remains to tell the tale while others have fallen.

The lesson here can be understood simply. When we humble ourselves and do what the Father calls us to do, we will be able to restore things that were lost. When we do it based on ourselves, even for the right reasons, such ways will eventually lead to detriment.

When we allow the Father’s will to transform us, we will be given the tools to win the battle.


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