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#5: Transitions (7/23/20)


Going to share some words today. Much of it may sound rather upsetting, yet it is shared in all sincerity.

This person has warned for four full years that such a time would come to a community that refers to itself as Jedi. Now, here we are. Because of people's blindness towards changes coming their way, they are now suffering the consequences of their inaction. No one can say that they didn't have the opportunity to make real changes. No one can say they didn't have time to learn. There was plenty of time. The truth is many simply refused to listen and found excuses to rationalize their behavior. And so, now, it is up to them to respond to the issues they are dealing with.

Now people can say why didn't this person go to their websites and give this message to them directly. You can visit your leaders and ask them. Why did they refuse to publish these messages and conveniently attempt to brush it aside when someone else did? Did they not think this person did not hear of the reports given? And so, upon seeing them from a distance, it became clear why this person would not give them a visitation—for it was not respectfully earned.

Besides, if people can't make a few clicks and spend a little bit of time doing some of their own research outside the confines of the concentration camps, then honestly it is not worth such time to assert oneself.

One of their leaders, for example, gave a prideful personal message on Facebook a couple of years back, having no idea who this person is or came from. And so, this person gave them static—for they acted foolishly to one who walked years before they had the thought to create a non-profit organization. Yet such are the ones who lead today. They think they earned it all yet do not see the testing taking place.

Sadly, many have allowed irresponsible people to bring over their personal and political agendas to mold their communities as a voice for their own causes. It is quite hard to see people bullied and fearful to speak out, whereas only the 'yes' people who are part of the program can speak. As seen, certain buzz words are said to keep the parties in line. Is it no different than Tarkin with his Death Star? The truth is this is the system that was wanted—and so the system that was created to oppress them.

The Jedihood message has consistently warned and predicted what would happen, never changing its tune (compared to other messages, especially after the Sequel Trilogy). We now have a history of messages in video, audio, and written format, all which can be looked upon for what it is. Yes, hard to hear, yet such is the truth at times. It never attempted to cater to popular opinion, nor did it attempt to fleece. There is no catch or gimmick—yet people went to those instead, because they followed what their ears wanted to hear.

Yet that's okay. Perhaps this is how the weeding process works.

This message was very hard for me to grasp when it came. Know how difficult it can be to grasp—it isn't sexy, it won't make you friends, and you don't get a silver star on your chest after going through it. Such activity is for the children classes (this person has already been through teaching the 101s). Was called to speak a language in which people have to dig through to find the nuggets. As a result, had to let go of some precious things. Yet it was the right thing to do. That is the price you pay to help other people.

This person does care about the people in these groups. Have weeped over them many nights. Yet we all have to learn—sometimes through others, often times from experience. Learning is a part of growth, and, without growth, comes a death.

Today, we go through a set of transitions. People all over are finding out that their ways, however many times they want to repackage them, do not work. This is, perhaps, a good thing—sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we realize we are to blame for the messes we get ourselves into. Yet not all is lost. Although many will give up, some of us will get through this. We will grow stronger because of it.

Experience can be a hard teacher. With that said, we shouldn't have to put our heads under the bus to realize we'll get ran over. Our surrender may take years yet can also take minutes. 

Such is the will for our lives.


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