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# 4: The Legend of the Jedi Creed (6/9/20)

The Legend of the Jedi Creed

Going to go ahead and share some stories about The Jedi Creed website. Much about the website has been lost in time to the public, although certain experiences are still within me today.

To start, given that it existed twenty years ago, it is best to go over this earlier time period a bit so we can better understand the situations prior to its existence. In the later part of the 90’s, the Internet (as known to the public) was only a few years old—it was a brand new wave of technology. Computers were maturing quickly although many households were still not connected to the Net. This, though, gained momentum at the height of the Y2K scare. A 56k phone dialup modem, for instance, was considered a luxury. Windows 95, the best-selling operating system at that time, was still being used as desktop towers were in high demand. If you had a CD burner, for example, you were in elite company.

Websites, before the use of CSS, had basic HTML and some JavaScript coding. This person, for instance, wrote code on Notepad while reading a couple of HTML manuals. Music online was generally created and shared by the MIDI format, whereas actual audio clips were very short and low quality. Online downloads were very limited and restricted. Search engine technology was at an infant stage—it was very difficult to track like-minded people as communications were limited and, at times, slow.

Let’s also share what Star Wars was like during this time. After the successful Thrawn trilogy book series in the early 1990’s, people started to rekindle their interest for Star Wars after a decade of its original success. The successful movie Jurassic Park (1993) displayed an upcoming CGI technology which helped to convince George Lucas to revisit this franchise. Lucas decided to release the original Star Wars trilogy versions for “one last time” in 1995, hinting there would be new Star Wars content in the future. By early 1997, the Star Wars Special Editions were released with The Phantom Menace in early production.

This is what StarWars.com, for instance, looked like when this person first went online (on a friend’s computer) in early 1997:


My earlier experience with Star Wars was as a kid ten years earlier (with the original trilogy). For most young people online during this time, this was their first time experiencing Star Wars. This, though, was my second.

Another factor was the growing frustrations with Christianity after the early 90’s. The spiritual aspect within the religion started to wane. Was part of a particular congregation which spoke certain truths, for example, yet their execution was, at times, quite hypocritical. With that said, still very much believed in God and the Bible—yet given the fact my family stopped visiting the congregation, desperately needed to express what was going on in my life and share the truths learned. Was also about to graduate from High School and sensed it necessary to further my learning.

Throughout my life, was fascinated with the Jedi in Star Wars as they testified to certain spiritual truths as read in scripture (later on in life this connection would be more prevalently established). Also realized people could relate with the Jedi persona regardless of religious background, which was essential to my learning and growing. Both of these things would serve as a catalyst to my early calling, which was to help counsel others who needed spiritual guidance.

Will go ahead and share my situation when first going online. My aunt had just given us an all-in-one computer in which we were later able to network in 1998. Everyone in the family had to take turns and, when my turn happened, used the time to do web searches and research. The searches were simple—find people who could relate to the Jedi in Star Wars on a deeper plane. This, though, was not easy. Months passed and could not find anyone other than some Star Wars fans here and there. Over time, it was eventually decided to start my own website, which was called Star Wars: The Legend of Jedi. The site would eventually lead to a series of fictional stories called Omicron of Ossus, which were later worked on and shared for the future Jedi Creed website.

Before being known as Relan Volkum, the name used was Omicron. Omicron is Greek for the letter O, which also stood for full circle, eyesight, and vision. In Hebrew, the letter is known as Ayin. This name was used before the release of the movie “O” in 2001 (as was the Volkum name, which was used before the Volcom name brand in the mid 2000’s).

Finally, after much searching, found a small website called The Jedi Council in early April of 1999. The website was quite small, yet it was the maturity of the writings which were fascinating. The writings, for example, were starting to transition from fiction into a deeper understanding, allowing the Jedi concept to explore deeper truths that would normally be left unexplored. No other site was doing it in this manner—other than a website called Jedi Lore (although was not made aware of the site until later). Yes, other websites, such as the early Jedi Academy community, did exist, yet it did not explore the Jedi concept in this light. Some, though, eventually did, as the Force Academy.

What The Force Academy looked like in early 1999 at its early stage (it was more fictionalized):

The Jedi Academy (saw the Jedi as a study of human myth):

Compare with the writings of Jedi Lore (heavily based on the novels):

The Jedi Council was run by two people, a teacher and a student. The teacher’s name was Mitth’raw’nurida (Mike), whereas the student was named Streen (Aaron, or Aharon, as he became known at Jedihood). Noting that Streen was the student, it seemed best to contact him first as a formality. He eventually contacted his teacher and, as it is said, the rest is history. Since April 8th, 1999, we have both been in contact, well now for over twenty years.

Let me share some insightful things about Mitth’raw’nurida as he is not as known yet was at the helm of the first Internet generation. Mitth was a very focused and determined individual, a mastermind in every sense of the word. Back in the mid 1990’s, he worked for Fortunecity as a webmaster. He also hosted a website called the Star Wars Internet Database (this was way before Wookieepedia and the other known Star Wars Online Encyclopedias over the years). By 1998, he created and administrated his own HTML-based RPG Chats on Star-Network.com, specifically one called The Mos Eisley Cantina.

What the website originally looked like:

What it eventually became:

Similar to Gedi from Jedi Lore, his ability to gather and remember technical Star Wars background information and apply them further was a prime ingredient to our future success.

When we first met, he welcomed my spiritual offering and did not fight what would later become a transition from RPG to a parable-type format. We never quarreled, often times taking similar sides on issues. Mitth also showed me how to truly test and challenge people as he was a true master at this. He would purposely put himself under different guises, for example, in order to see how certain people would respond in certain conflicts. He was also extremely patient, waiting months before re-iterating a particular knowledge. Both of these abilities helped him to make well-informed decisions. This person began to heavily study these traits after his departure.

Compared to Mitth, Streen brought something quite different to the table. He was very expressive and passionate in his teachings, allowing his emotion to soften the edges of the technical and spiritual writings. He was also a very practical, relative-type person. There were many times, for instance, when he would come in to assist in a project without thought of reward. Over the years of knowing him, he has helped me to keep things simple and practical, which has been a welcoming addition to the journey.

In fact, working together with both of them was one of the best set of experiences of my life. Both personalities greatly enhanced my own.

When first joining The Jedi Council website, this person started as a lecture writer yet quickly became a key member in the group. Also eventually became the moderator for The Challenge of the Force chat room, a chat maintained by Star-Network.com. This chat was generally left unchanged when we transitioned to The Jedi Creed website.

The Challenge of the Force Chat Room in 1999 (still has my handle on the right panel):

From April to July 1999, The Jedi Council expanded quickly with new writings which expanded on the Jedi concept in great detail (will always cherish the experiences we three had those months). Eventually we realized that the site was maturing quickly to a point it was time for a new, more unique name. Mitth asked me to come up with a new, matured name. In return, gave Mitth and Streen three possible names: The Jedi Maxim, The Jedi Beholder, and The Jedi Creed. Mitth really liked the name Jedi Creed given its spiritual connotation to the Jedi. And so, as of July 21st of that year, that is what it was named. Keep in mind there were no references in Star Wars of a “Jedi Creed” at this time, so it was brand new territory.

Let’s now emphasize why the name Jedi Creed was suggested. The word creed represented an act of faith, or, in other words, the challenge of being faithful. It wasn’t necessarily based on a statement of faith, yet an action. This is a key difference as the concept eventually began to get lost over time. When first giving the Jedihood message, for instance, the focus on action was revived as a major theme.

When creating the new Jedi Creed site, we also brought in two other people into our group. They were known as Tionne and WinterHeart.

Tionne and myself had an early experience prior to Jedi Creed. We first met in a Star Wars Chat Room nearly two weeks after this person found The Jedi Council website. She was not part of the website, although was a student of Gedi from Jedi Lore. We had a discussion, along with another person called JDLighter, in which led to an alliance. Since then, although we expressed different philosophies over the years, we have always shared a spiritual connection to the Jedi concept.

WinterHeart chatted often in The Challenge of the Force (you can also see her on the right panel of the provided link) and eventually started to help counsel people in need. As a year passed, we eventually became involved given our times in the chat room.

Both were welcoming additions and, as we grew together, became as a small family.

As shared in a prior journal, Kharis Nightflyer, along with Gedi, were supporters of the Creed website upon its release. Having the first generation supportive in the early years helped to provide confidence in the later years, especially when dealing with younger generations.

The most prominent aspect of The Jedi Creed website was the deeper levels of lecture writings and how they were primarily categorized. Instead of having generalized titles, the titles were spiritual-based. For example, our sharing banner said, “The Belief, The Journey, The Challenge, The Lesson, The Force,” hinting that “The Force” was more spiritual-based.

Another important aspect of the website was the emphasized quotes or wise sayings. The word “realize” within the statement “we hope to inspire you into realizing your abilities” is where the term Jedi Realism originally came from. This realization was originally based off of understanding the talents within and to promote them positively in everyday situations. Some other familiar sayings on the site were “you can search for years and years, through mountains and desert, and never find it—that is because it is always with you” and “One will be enlightened, one will face their destiny—one will see, one will be blinded.” Shorter ones were: “The beginning… is the end,” “Time will tell as we tell time as well,” and “Unity is the Key.” The unity quote eventually was used to create a movement.

At the beginning of the Jedi Creed website, we emphasized what was known as The Challenge (this concept has been strongly reiterated at Jedihood). The challenge was the daily commitment in applying one’s abilities while acting upon the Jedi way. “Before you act,” said Mitth’raw’nurida, “understand this knowledge—acting without thinking will be dangerous, either this or the results will dominate your life in the end. Knowledge is power, power is nothing... but for a Jedi the knowledge is not only power.” Today, many accumulate knowledge, given that it provides them a power. This challenge, though, is not based on power—it is to act upon knowing. This understanding has also been emphasized within the Jedihood message.

“If you would discuss about a prophecy,” says Mitth, “you would be silent if you wouldn't know a part of that what you're talking about. To talk about things without knowing them shouldn't be done. Those who do, do not act and think—they just act. They talk, without knowing. Do you know?”

The Jedi Creed was also known for its stories, or tales as it was known. Stories about the Jedi within the Star Wars Universe were written in parable in order to help people understand certain truths. This is where the Omicron of Ossus stories were shared, along with an anthology this person put together, called An Anthology: Epoch of the Force.

The Jedi Creed eventually became a catapult to many other projects, primarily the unity movement. Eventually, though, it was forced to shut its doors after the media incident on March 6th, 2001, based on an article in which we were mentioned by the BBC. In total, The Jedi Creed website lasted for a year and a half—three years when including its earlier manifestations as The Jedi Alliance and The Jedi Council.

To close this journal entry, going to share the original E-mail advertisement when the website opened August 6th, 1999. It really helps to further clarify what The Jedi Creed was really about. Yet, before doing so, this person will finally share the true origin of the Creed name.

The Creed name was clarified in a written lecture called The Creed, which was shared to open the section entitled The Belief. You can read it here:

The writing itself is based off of the Rich Mullins song, “Creed”, a Christian singer and songwriter. The song is based off of The Apostles Creed, although some changes were made. Upon hearing the song, it became clear that the experience was to express belief through action: “I believe in God, the Father almighty… Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth.”

To hear the song sung by Mullins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LR2hFP1yb4

So know you now. In short, my lecture writings were primarily based on scriptural passages and songs. It’s amazing still how many writings have been shared by others without them realizing how they were inspired. Yet, as was learned from this journal entry, the knowing is to be shared within the action itself—not the talking.

Here now is the E-mail advert:

The Jedi Creed
"What is Creed?

Creed is a very important thing that we all must face within ourselves and others. Our faith...what we believe in. What our principles are. What we teach each other as well as ourselves. And simply who and what we are. We must understand that our Creed is what makes us, we don’t make it. We didn’t invent it, it invented us. We believe what we believe because we are what we are—created from life itself." (Relan Volkum)


The Belief: The Mysterious Force, the Potential of Words, the Language of the Spirit... what is Creed?

The Force: The Light Side of the Force is the way of the true Jedi. To follow it is to follow the path to enlightenment, and to peace. Pure rage and hate-filled aggression are the essence of the Dark Jedi. They are the children of the Dark Side. But what else might be there to know?

The Journey: The Ancient Jedi masters knew that Jedi training must proceed at a slow pace. Too much power gathered too quickly can corrupt even the most selfless and devout Jedi apprentice. Learn about this path of the Jedi, of apprentices, knights and masters, here.

The Lesson: Unlearn what you have learned... Learn from the master, the knight or apprentice. Every being has its own style while being connected to the whole. Teachers and their potential students will study here.

The Challenge: For a Jedi, there are many ways to use the Force. Dark or Light, and sometimes close to both sides, these powers below are the essence of the Jedi's doing. Learn about these myths here.

The Spirit: This place is designed for the thoughts of the Jedi. Those who want to speak may raise their voice here. Let your spirit engulf the ones and share your knowledge with them, but do not expect to receive something in return. Misunderstanding and confusion will be a result until you understand.

The Tales: The past, the future and the now—combined at once, or is it just yet another mystery to solve? Read these stories and tales to find out about the Jedi who brought peace and justice to the galaxy. But be warned, the Dark Side is always present at time and place.


Come join us at the Jedi Creed and see what we have to offer. You may laugh, you may understand, or you may be enlightened. It is your choice as it always is and has been.


"We hope to inspire you into realizing your abilities."

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