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#2: Why Jedi Sites Are Not Active (4/25/20)

Why Jedi Sites Are Not Active

This title has a double meaning (will be explained below).

Back in 2014, it was finally time for this person to return to see the state of various groups and how they had progressed. Seven years of hermit living had passed (2007-2014) after the seven years prior of public activity (1999-2006). What would be the result?

It was a rather humiliating and demoralizing experience. The fruit was seen as rotten. Newer excavations were stale and brittle. The conversations, in essence, were vain. There was nothing to reflect regarding insights brought about at that time, as it was seen quite bland and meaningless. It was as looking upon a plate of molded leftovers.

The voice spoke, essentially saying, “This is the result.”

It was realized that both the groups and myself had gone two entirely separate directions—while this person quietly meditated and reflected on the lessons learned, the groups repeated the mistakes the lessons had originally counseled against. Instead of fixing those mistakes, they add further teachings in order to excuse their current behavior. It was repulsive.

When coming back, had planned on revamping The Jedi Creed site. Yet, while taking close inspection of what was actually going on, eventually stopped its development. This was very hard to do—yet knew, deep down, that it would just make matters worse.

In earlier years, would have made great attempts to convince based on personal reasoning, yet the hermit training had shown better—it was time to now trust in the Father instead and do it his way instead of my own. Don’t get me wrong—my flesh at that time still wanted to protect and set things right on my own terms. The Father, though, slowly began to reveal why certain things had to happen.

In essence, had been shown the future.

It was an unsettling, unnerving future. A great trap would be set against them—many would fall for it until it was too late. A rebellious spirit had swept their communities and would slowly choke them in the following years ahead. It would lead to a slow, progressing decline of an entire movement.

This person was not the only one who had seen this. Some here and there had been attuned to a similar future, although quickly ignored it, not wanting to stir controversy or conviction. The vast majority were so caught up in daily transactions they could not adequately reflect on the decay creeping upon their ideologies—they had no idea (some still don’t) of what was going to take place.

After a few warnings under the previous name, realized the hearts of people were way too hardened. Many had twisted the past lessons to create a convenient, non-sacrificial path—one which allowed daily vices to reoccur without true servant living. False knighthoods had taken the place of true ones. It was a strong delusion.

Given this revealing, could not in any way be associated to this false direction. In fact, to know this person had a part to play in this degradation has sickened me and made me nearly regret all prior efforts. With that said, some did, indeed, learn from it—they are those who did already abandon these groups (and rightfully so).

Do remember the names of those earnest, sincere people who are no more part of these groups anymore. In short, how could they be?

In early 2015, the decision was made to deactivate all previous JEDI material and its archive sites, including the revamped Jedi Creed website. This was done for several reasons: First, it was to send a clear message to the religious/philosophical movements—you would no more be associated to that which you did not respect. Secondly, it was to take responsibility and protect the honor of the teachings, as well as the sincere people who had contributed. Thirdly, it was to make it known this person would no more associate to the abominations that had become—there had already been seven years of plenty (2007-2014) for people to gather what they gathered.

As was expected, there was no humbling or change of ways. Now, if they would have humbled themselves, this person would have reopened, continued the building, and would have helped heal their land. Yet that was not to be the case. Because of this, they were left alone a second time.

Honestly thought that was the end of it, yet it turned out not to be the case.

It was later that year when my early brother, known as Streen, came to me disfigured and maimed. What they did to him was an absolute disgrace—for they had shown no respect to their elders, treating them as lap dogs in order to promote their own selfish ways (specifically the Temple of the Jedi Order).

That is when a holy fire started to kindle. If someone in these groups had the courage to speak publicly about it, and had acted knightly in defending the weak and executing proper justice, it wouldn’t have been so strong—yet, now, it wasn’t about me anymore.

This person prayed to the Father about what to do. He gave me an answer—a message in fact. He had seen a person finally maturing into a rightful spirit, sincerely thinking of others above myself without reward. This was proven by letting go of what had been built in order to accomplish a rightful performance. Because of this, a blessing was given.

This message, at first, did not have a name. Eventually, though, it became clear:

“What we are going to do is warn this community of the direction it is going and give an answer that many will not like. For at least a year, we must do this without building a grand organization for ourselves. It will be called Jedihood. The focus will be humility and moving people out of their comfort zones.”

A video conversation was born. In the first video, a warning was given that the age of Jediism/Jedi Realism was to be dissipated. It brought clear warning of an the upcoming wave of movies which would bring about a heavy darkness—it was to be bait for those tempted to eat it, bringing about the casting of themselves upon their own swords. People would not come to seek these groups as in the past.

Four years later, you can see that is what exactly has happened. This not only confirmed the truth of the words, yet the validity of the Jedihood message itself. We have it documented.

Of course afterwards, a few did come to attempt trap this person, yet each time they were revealed the ugliness of their ways, not being able to refute what has been declared. With that said, they are allowed to preach lies to their congregations—it is not me to atone within their gates. Have them come out to the wilderness and speak here in front of viewers. Because many haven’t been properly trained to hold a sword, many will continue to hear these words in silence as the structures fall further and further. Let the results speak for themselves.

The reason why these groups have lost activity is simple—their pride has come before their fall. If they would have listened to their elder, sincerely practiced the very codes and maxims they originally preached, and humbled themselves with honor and virtue, they would have heeded the warning and saved themselves from many plagues. These plagues, though, will continue until they wake up to the lesson given. It’s a simple thing really.

It has been more rewarding to express to the few who have dared look than to cater to a mass armada of clones, those who have been unknowingly brainwashed into thinking they actually are the real thing. And, so, this act will be continued.

Dare they hear it from a prototype—what will they find?


my flesh at that time still wanted to protect and set things right on my own terms


You know my past. Recent events have really challenged me in this way as well. It is hard to not speak out or take action but I have also seen how often my own actions have not worked out as I thought they would, ending up making things worse. 


The vast majority were so caught up in daily transactions they could not adequately reflect on the decay creeping upon their ideologies

This lock down has made this abundantly clear to me. The "daily transactions," were more potent then I had realized. They distract and make us live mechanically, without pause, without thought. Whatever comes from all of the recent events I will guard my solitude and time for reflection with much more vigor than before. What is concerning is that I already did to a much greater extent than most.  I would recommend we all take more time to be quiet, to be at peace... even if you already think you do. 

You will know (the good from the bad) when you are calm, at peace. Yoda

The thorn of the flesh.   It is also represented as the nail, or the Hebrew letter Vav.   The number of six, which later on became a curse.   There are many mentions of this in scripture, as you will see thorn, nail, thicket, and so forth.  

The flesh, when relied on, leads to suffering and pain.  The more you feed it the worse it gets.   Brokenness, though, can be a great teacher if the lesson is understood.   It is meant to teach us humility.  When we learn to be humble, and follow the path of the Father, we will be lifted up by his strength, not ours.

You will know.   Remember Yoda saying this (you remember the word Yedah in Hebrew, so we have a word connection).   When we are calm and rely on the Father, we will be lifted up.   You actually see this visualization in the movie.   This swamp visualization is also seen in The Pilgrims Progress.  We need to be careful though that we are relying on him and not a likeness of him. This is where the original movies go another direction.

And, yes, we also need to be careful we do not get caught up in the daily business of the world and stop focusing on what matters most.   Society is purposely built (especially now) to keep you occupied in many various things.  Note the increase whenever there is a spiritual truth or awakening.   Reminds me of Moshe (Moses) when Pharaoh increased the workload of the bricks to test the Father's will.  In a sense, it is being tested today.

Sure you know what this person is talking about, as you have spoken to people about truth yet they do not want to be inconvenienced by it.   To be frank, salvation will be an inconvenience to those who push away the Father's spirit.


In study this morning I came across a  verse that reminded me of this thread- 2 Timothy 4:4

and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

This is not a coincidence, you were meant to give this.   It has to do with a video on the cutting room floor for Jedihood, called Fable.  Fable was to be a video based on this passage to Timotheos and was going to use the theme Fable (Message Version), a song made popular in 1996 by Robert Miles, along with Children.

Many teens heard this back then and influenced them later when going on the new World Wide Web (you may have remembered this).   If you listen to it closely, it is actually a seance to a spiritual principality (people don't pay attention to these things).  Pray prior to listening please as this is done to expose, not to glorify.   Am going to share you this video:

Stopped the video project as this person felt it was going to be too offensive.  Actually, am still waiting on The Father Be With You video series, which was going to be worked on in 2018 yet it needed to be done in the right spirit.   Had to stop given the pull of the flesh to compete for a vain goal.

By the way, Timotheos in Greek literally means "to honor God".

Yet another instance why it is important to be attuned to what the Spirit speaks to you.   Am being given a wink here.   Thanks.


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