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#1: Standing Up for Truth and Right Living (4/18/20)

Standing Up for Truth and Right Living

Visitors and partakers of this message,

Going to go ahead and start an informal posting of reflections in a journal type of format.   Usually such energy would be focused in the presenting of a specific message, such as a written, audio, or video task, yet have been led to share more a messenger's testimony which people (as yourself) can read along as it is given.  It will not be as refined, although the informality will help those of you who desperately need a person to speak a bit more straightforward.

Much of what The Father has shared over the past four years has dealt with actions that are quite specific and done in a particular time and place.   Some people have wondered why they have occurred the way they have, yet they were done for a particular purpose to set a vital precedent.   The Father's ways are very different than the ways of man.   They are done for specific reasons.

As far as my earlier history of years before giving this message, it was also purposely set aside so that the focus would remain on the message instead of the person.   The prior name was hidden as with prior situations, relationships, accomplishments, and other establishments.  This was essential in order to become a display of how the prototypical act of the Hebrew "Yedah" (which is where the name Jedi comes from) is to be actively displayed.  As you can see, it is very different then the populist viewpoint and is far from being practiced by those who call themselves such.

Regardless of what is believed, this person knows of you out there who seek such a role as have already been through these hurdles many years ago.   Know what it is like to seek such things.   Lived according to the codes and maxims before the codes and maxims were established, and believed that the attuned force power, at one time, was simply a reflection of God and his spirit.   It wasn't until years later in the mid-2000's that this person saw the fruits of such a belief.   Given the many people that were counseled in forums and chats, the establishing of an online academy, community dialogue, teaching pupils, and displaying altruistic behaviors to those in need, began to notice a darkness  from those who took full advantage and plotted to dismantle.   This brought this person down to the point was so tired of the constant, unnecessary battling and had to leave.   Some of those who this person set in charge did not do a good job, although a few did keep things going.   Overall, though, it saddened me to see how such denial of the self for others could be used for the selfish gain of others.   Such things teach you. 

Seven years later, during the hermit stage, learned of my falsehoods, matured, and asked The Father the means to set it right.  This started a couple of years later.   Little did this person know it would work out the way it did, yet such actions were needed to purge the wrongs that need to be righted.  Instead of coming in and unifying the people (as was the prior mission) it would be the task to rebuke and chastise.   Instead of visiting groups and advertising, it would be the task to challenge them and purposely leave doors open so they would excuse themselves.   Was very surprised that some would not recognize the trials taking place before them, yet the Father had to have this person see for himself the true nature they condone.   Have wept many nights for people, yet could not give clues as to what was going on.  Otherwise their true selves would not be revealed.

For many years, have sought what it meant to act a persona as the Jedi do in the Star Wars movies, yet with patience, humility, and trust, and by sincerely denying self pleasures, The Father revealed to me the truth of the matter.  It was revealed when letting go of my preconceived ideas, acting not in a way this person necessarily desired to act.   It is not easy to stand for his truth, yet the Father gives strength and know that he has everything worked according to what it should be.

Over the years, many people have spoke confusion and untruths about my past.   Some of it has been accidental and way over-exaggerated, although some has been blatant.  The Father will judge accordingly.   What matters though is what the Father sees, as he knows and will set things in time as they should.  He knows the experiences this person lived.  

In my earlier life, thought that this person had to correct reputation.  Yet, in truth, experience itself will testify on your behalf by the level of maturity you have reached.  The reason why so few has reached such maturity is because, although some attempt to build themselves, they still fall into the same temptations of greed and pride.   The herds have also kept such people into a bind, especially as it is pleasing for many to keep them at a minimal level as themselves.   Progress, to many groups, is the spreading of beliefs or the conquest of further knowledge, not the actual growth of maturity when it comes to our daily relationships.

Eventually, this person became a man and did not need to hang around with the boys anymore, nor does this person have to convince people (the Father's words will do this as he allows it so).   Living righteously can at times be a lonely affair, yet it is one of peace, love, and has many great rewards.   Acting for the director instead of the audience has brought great wisdom, more than this person thought would come about.   He shows me what it means to live the persona, and not be afraid anymore of what people think.   It is sad many cannot live such beauty, and it was my earnest desire to redeem those who have walked in darkness.   Jedihood is a message of redemption, yet it should not be forced on anyoneeven the most receptive. 

When learning of Moses (Moshe) and Elijah (Eliyah) in scripture, began to see the real Obi-Wan Kenobi/Yoda persona (as these people were based on them).  Little did this person know such in the beginning parts of my life.   This was mostly due to the lack of reflection and reading of scripture, as most of what was given to me at my early teens was given by the Christian religious system.   Don't get me wrong, these Pastors also thought what they said was completely true, given that others had told them prior.   All it took was one full reading for it to be revealed that much of what was said in the faith was added upon.   It was in the second full reading that all sorts of things began to pop up.   There is such a heavy wealth of truth in scripture that a lifetime could never bring about all its jewels.  It definitely teaches the way to live, and its laws (which are spiritual truths) are completely right and just.

It will take years for the child of milk to come to eat of such, yet will be patient to those this person cares for.  Even though many do wrong, have stumbled in my early past, and know that children will make mistakes.   My prayer is for those who aim towards adulthood will stand for truth.   That they will stand for truth over their reputation, their followers, and their belief systems.   It is hard to break (this person knows), yet it is worth it in the end.  


It is so simple yet can be so hard to stand for truth. I know for me it a striving. When I strive for something it takes on a life of its own. The truth becomes obscured by my own actions. As Quigley wrote the instrument becomes the institution, self serving. The young are ruled by these striving's, seeking to exert their will upon the world and others. For me at least that has been a large part of the maturing process. Learning to be and trust. Sometimes I look back and it as if my actions and reasoning where that of another person. 

For me simply walking away from the old incorrect ties has been best. Most will not understand and it can be hard to untangle the past. 

Yes, it's an over-exertion of defiant will that has gotten us into so much trouble.   Quigley had seen plenty of this in history, although it was destined to be a tragedy.  In the scriptures, such is referred to as stiff-necked, which is a self-defiant nature.

Really what it comes down to is lawlessness, which is personified by the demonic Belial spirit.  Belial is a Hebrew word which means without law (or valueless), which is where we get the understanding of wickedness and evil.  An easier way to understand this is to think of a person who holds 'no moral values'.   This is what we see with those who attempt to rule this world and teach the young to institute similar characteristics. 

Learning to trust, though, is an entirely different matter.   Trust and relationship, as it is said at this site.   Walking away from an exertion of will and simply trusting the higher will by performing an intimate knowing.   That can be very hard to do, yet parents ask their children to do this all the time.  When we learn to trust our parent, the ones after us will do the same through our extension.   Just walk away and humble yourself.   It can take a lifetime for some, yet it doesn't have to be. 

The summation of the law is to love the Father with all that you are (so few do this) and to love others as you give to yourself.   This love, as depicted in scripture, is not a feelingit is an act of his will.


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