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A public gathering to learn about Jedihood. Not for the purpose of disagreement, opinion, or debate.

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The Jedihood Camp

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CampgroundFor general conversation. Not for the purpose of giving personal opinions, quarreling in personal debates, or focusing on personal perspectives. For the Father's glory. Private conversation should be presented in E-mail.

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CampfireA word from the Father can be shared to the others within the camp. Not for the purpose of personal opinion, debate, or perspective. Any sort of message given in rebellion or an evil spirit will be removed.

2 Topics · 6 PostsLast post: Submitting Your Talent · 17 hours ago · Yahunatan
Journal of the WillA public testimony regarding the path of the Higher Will. Informal reflection by Yahunatan (formally known as Relan Volkum). Comments are allowed yet will be heavily monitored.

3 Topics · 9 PostsLast post: #3 Where Jedi Realism Came From (5 … · 2 weeks ago · Yahunatan
Jedihood JourneyLatest Message
The Jedihood MessageWritten messages posted by Jedihood. Starting from early 2018 to the present day. Responses are currently allowed.

7 Topics · 14 PostsLast post: Leadership · 17 hours ago · Jedihood
JedisodeAudio episodes recorded by Jedihood. A brand new series starting in 2020. Responses are currently allowed.

5 Topics · 5 PostsLast post: Jedisode ⁠— The Audio Series · 1 week ago · Jedihood
Jedihood — The Original SeriesAn original video series presented by Jedihood. Recorded and edited in 2016-2017, fully published in 2019-2020. Responses are currently allowed.

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SwordfireA scriptural video series presented by Jedihood. Was recorded and published in 2017. Responses are currently allowed.

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OtherLatest Message
Questions and AnswersIf you have an honest, sincere question (without premeditation of trickery), it can be asked here. You will be given back an honest, sincere answer.

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