Talk Too Much

Talk Too Much

Too many words fall off the palettes of various lips without properly presenting the matter to the higher will. Because of this, many are lead by jabber than by genuine direction–it is rather revolting to see such rampant, unchecked spew.



The walk of servant living (knighthood) is not a complicated motion–it is a dedicated, submissive one. Given this, it is false practice which has created such complication.


An Empire of Dreams

When reflecting upon the dream from twenty years back, remember the portion in which this person looked inside a once familiar house to see Stormtroopers marching in unison. It was quite shocking to see such—to witness a group who had lost their identity.



Am currently putting together all of the messages from the beginning of this page (which is also posted on the website) to this point in time within a single readable document.



This person is still very hesitant to present this. It has been difficult to see how nearly everyone who has encountered this message has rejected it at some point.