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The journey begins with a humble step downward.
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Jedihood Message
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5/6/20 – The Early Messages
A group of eighteen (18) messages given prior to The Jedihood Message. You can read them here:

4/28/20 – Account Creation Fix
Was able to repair the account creation page for the website.

4/18/20 – Website Updates
Website has been given a bit of performance updates and upgrades.   There has also been some reordering of the menu links, camp site, and other pages.   Apologies for loading and downtime issues.

3/28/20 – Camp Site Added
A posting area has been added, referred to as The Jedihood Camp. It is accessible by going to

3/26/20 – The Jedihood Message (2nd Version)
Manuscript updated with further insights and new entries. Includes messages from August 2019 to March 2020, as well as updated cover.

3/12/20 – Jedisode
Jedisode is a brand new series of audio webisodes made available on the website. The introduction segment is now available.

3/4/20 – Begin
Jedihood recently added a new section to help beginners get started on the journey. It is called Return to the Father. This section will also clarify what is available on the site.

2/29/20 – New Website
Jedihood is provided a new, updated website. Website includes the Jedihood Original Series, as well as the Jedihood Message (including messages up to the present). Also included for the first time is the Swordfire Series recorded in 2017. More coming soon.

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Jedisode Main Grapic

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Jedisode Main Grapic

Latest Messages


True charity is not to be given selflessly or to comfort personal desires—it is expressed because the Father first shown such love within us.

Humble Yourself

The Promotion

There is, though, a promotion hardly spoken about, especially during these times of mindless spectacle and self-gluttony.

The Plague

The Plague

A realization began to come over that there definitely is a virus out there. Perhaps a better way to refer to it would be a plague, or spirit.



Shame should be a natural response to those participating in wrong behavior—for humiliation provides the great cure for the prideful.

Into the Ark

Into the Ark

Noach (Noah), a chosen one, heard the voice of the Father and did according to the Father’s will. In so doing, not only was Noach saved–his family, along with the called-out animals, were saved as well.

Talk Too Much

Talk Too Much

Too many words fall off the palettes of various lips without properly presenting the matter to the higher will. Because of this, many are lead by jabber than by genuine direction–it is rather revolting to see such rampant, unchecked spew.



The walk of servant living (knighthood) is not a complicated motion–it is a dedicated, submissive one. Given this, it is false practice which has created such complication.

By Their Fruits

By Their Fruits

A familiar passage of scripture will be shared today. It concerns a simple, yet forgotten principle which needs to be reiterated at this time. How quickly it has been forgotten.

The Jedihood Message in PDF Format
(1st Moon 2020 Version)

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