Five Years of Jedihood - 3/29/21
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The Preacher (Part 8) 4/10/21

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The Rest — May 22th, 2017This is the second video in the Swordfire series.  It was recorded … Read More
The Preacher (Part 8)Join us as we dig further into the assembled book of Qoheleth. Wha … Read More
Words Have MeaningA very practical lecture speaking on the importance of word meanin … Read More
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Five Years of JedihoodThought it necessary to reflect on Jedihood and its overall impact … Read More
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3/29/21 – Five Years
Today marks the fifth anniversary of this message. Learn how has it stood the test of time.

1/20/21 – The Preacher: Assembled Book of Ecclesiastes
A brand new video series. Check it out!

1/9/21 – Metamorphosis
The day has come to transition to a new phase of this message. As we head into Jedihood’s 5th year anniversary, this upcoming season should be a vital one.

1/4/21 – Begin Update
We recently updated the Begin page, otherwise known as Return to the Father.  A helpful starting point for newcomers on the Father’s journey.

12/11/20 – New Connections
Looking at alternates and seeing how it goes. Jedihood currently on both MeWe and Parler.

11/10/20 – Prudence
A short message regarding a situation being sensed. To watch the video, click here.

9/28/20 – Green View Mode
Website now has a green view mode for easier-on-eyes viewing (see switch button at top left with menu bar). Website content also zoomed in closer for an easier-to-read experience.

9/15/20 – The Book of Proverbs
Presenting a word study video series on the book of Proverbs. Check out the current videos.

9/7/20 – Spiritual Soundness
A video update on the Jedihood message, video presentation, and more. Click here to watch video.

7/25/20 – Website Refresh
Making some visual website updates which may affect loading. Thanks in advance for your patience.

6/26/20 – Yahunatan Videos
Included some spiritual video messages for the website.

6/20/20 – The Enslaved Mind
Another video regarding the delusion going on in the world today. Watch it here.

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Rise of the Separatists

While legions of Stormtroopers persistently advance with false aim, an ever-growing resistance hides within the caves of Geonosis.

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Five Years of Jedihood

It is very unusual for a message to survive such an isolated format as long as this one has. It was as if its strength came from its own isolation.

Knowledge of Our Weakness

They looked to themselves and the power they possessed. They trained, they studied... they fought great battles and gained much success until the very end. It was at this end when all the vain glory was swept away.


Massing great amounts of reeds does not alter the nature of its bending! A slew of ambiguous, inconsistent standards, moving whichever way the wind blows, will not save us in perilous waters.

Higher Ground

Higher ground can be attained. Such ground, however, is never to be used for personal leverage. Its advantage is only for the principled.

The Contention

Although the urge to confront remains, we must carefully reflect to see an even greater contention—a biological, anthropomorphic universe which has submerged itself in carnal, beastly desires.

So Comes the Flood

Such systems are toppling down upon inspecting minds. When certain curtains are parted and the men of sin are revealed, there will be no turning back.

The Slumber

We have a strong tendency to discharge matters essential to our survival. As a result, many are behind in the Father's class—flunking at one of the most critical times in history.

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