Wake Up Call - 8/17/21
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The JavelinAs some have noted in the messages given here, am very critical of … Read More
It Is Time Jedihood is loosening ties to specific social media websites. … Read More
DreamThis piece is entitled Reve (which in French means Dream or Dreami … Read More
Wisdom (Portion 19)The final portion of The Wisdom of Solomon (Chokmah Shalmoah) vide … Read More
Fear NotA video remember watching from youth.   Think we have forgotten? … Read More
Jedisode 11: The Tyranny   Jedisode 11: The Tyranny September 12th, 2021 … Read More
Wisdom (Portion 18)This is a sobering time in history. In this portion, we remain foc … Read More
Teaser — Sira: Book of Ecclesiast …A brand new series approaches called Sira: Book of Ecclesiasticus. … Read More


9/6/21 – Sira Video Series
A new video series approaches… called Sira: Book of Ecclesiastius. Follow along as we explore this treasure of wisdom. Watch the teaser.

8/17/21 – Wake Up Call
Waking up from broken behavior? A short video for you.

6/28/21 – Finding Jedihood
Stumbled upon Jedihood? Here are some brief words about finding this message.

5/13/21 – Wisdom Series
A brand new series called Wisdom: The Book of Shalomah (Solomon). We will explore this ancient book removed from cannon. Watch the teaser.

5/8/21 – Camp Updates
Have made some recent visual updates to the Jedihood Camp. The Camp shares deeper insights than what is provided on social platforms.

4/11/21 – The Jedihood Message (3rd Release)
Welcome to the new spring year. To celebrate, here is the updated 3rd release of the Jedihood Message.

3/29/21 – Five Years
Today marks the fifth anniversary of this message. Learn how has it stood the test of time.

2/20/21 – The Preacher: Assembled Book of Ecclesiastes
A brand new video series.

1/9/21 – Metamorphosis
The day has come to transition to a new phase of this message. As we head into Jedihood’s 5th year anniversary, this upcoming season should be a vital one.

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Video Series

Wisdom: Book of Shalomah (19 Parts)

Wisdom: Book of Shalomah (19 Parts)

The Preacher: Ecclesiastes (12 Parts)

The Book of Proverbs (24 Parts)

First Message of Yochanan (4 Parts)

Swordfire (Intro, 20 Parts)

Jedihood (Intro, 49 Parts, Conclusion)

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Latest Messages

The Javelin

Balaam, not being able to directly curse the Israelites, had a devious plan to bring the Moabite daughters to weaken the strength of the mighty camp. This plague was so efficient it took down even priestly leadership.

Root of the Matter

Spectators should not only pull back to behold the tree which nurtured the branches, yet dig deep to behold the roots which gave it life.

Give Up

Often enough we are quick to pursue lifestyles which conclude in frivolous nonsense. External noises, anxious to diverge its attention, break upon the internal realms of countless souls for the greatest impact.

Inner Peace

In reflection, have discerned the Father’s ways to be too upright for commonality–specifically the superficial, senseless routines today. His precepts require a sobering and consistent holiness... a diligent, steadfast strength which perseveres through dire circumstances.

Forceism: The Real Jediism

As time has passed, have noticed a continual, overarching conflict in accepting a duelistic Force while, in the same breath, coating itself as light-sided in using the Jedi word.

Rise of the Separatists

While legions of Stormtroopers persistently advance with false aim, an ever-growing resistance hides within the caves of Geonosis.

Jedihood WordPress

Five Years of Jedihood

It is very unusual for a message to survive such an isolated format as long as this one has. It was as if its strength came from its own isolation.

Knowledge of Our Weakness

They looked to themselves and the power they possessed. They trained, they studied... they fought great battles and gained much success until the very end. It was at this end when all the vain glory was swept away.

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